4 Ways to Keep Your Home Clean This Winter


The winter season is here and apart from the entertainment and indoor as well as outdoor fun activities, the winter days can be tedious in house cleaning. Keeping the moisture of snow and mud out of your home seems difficult to handle but here we share some easy-to-do ways to keep your house winter clean.

  1. Dust and Sand

The major issue that may arise during winter is the dust particles and grit inside your home as there is less opening of windows and the air is dry and warm inside. It can scratch the tiles and floor of kitchen and bath rooms as well as make your carpets and rugs full of dust mites and mold. The regular vacuuming of the house is must to save you from the allergies. The often overlooked areas such as tops of windows and corners of décor must be cleaned once in a while to keep the inside of fresh and dust free. The regular cleaning of the home’s air ducts is essential during winters. People usually do not realize the fact that during winter they actually seal the potentially harmful contaminants inside the house and the air filters can get clogged causing the allergies and sickness for the dwellers, the simple solution is to change the air filters at least once or twice in a week and keep the air fresh inside.

  1. Carpets and Floor

The deep cleaning of carpets, rugs and floor during winter days is must. The melted salt, snow, mud and grit gets collected between the fibers of carpet and tiles of the floor the which not looks untidy but also make the indoor unpleasant. To save your home from all the mud and salt you can place a shoe rack near the entrance where all the snow boots and shoes can be placed or you can put a mat which absorbs the excess dust and water. The next task is to steam clean the carpets more often and scrub the floors to make them clean and shiny. You can save your time of cleaning by placing throw-rugs on the mostly used areas of the house to make it easier for you to clean the mess and save your carpets from stains.

  1. Furnace Cleaning

The furnace cleaning and maintenance must be scheduled and done before the winter season to save yourself from any inconvenience. Mostly the furnace is coated with grime and dust which directly affects its ability to function properly. It is important to get it cleaned up professionally to make it energy-efficient and safe. Do not forget to check the furnace filter and change it if required to keep your season peacefully warm and the dust and debris accumulated inside the burners of furnace should be cleaned properly before starting it.

  1. Cleaning the Kitchen

You must not ignore the deep cleaning of kitchen especially ceiling which might have a layer of funk from the cooking smoke, oil and moisture fumes from cooking. You can use a dish washing soap and sponge to scrub it off to make it neat and clean.