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5 Ways to Change the Water Pump


The engine has five cooling system components. The hoses, the radiator cap, the thermostat, the radiator, and the water pump. However, the heart of this cooling system is the water pump.

The water pump ensures that the coolant keeps circulating throughout the engine. The water pump will operate only if the engine is running. The pump is driven by gear, chain, and belt. Most of these water pumps need changing on a regular basis. Very few will operate past 100,000 miles.

Your water pump will fail in two ways

  • Bearings will fail
  • There can be a leak

Most of these leaks develop near the gasket where it attaches to the engine. You should replace the pump as soon as you notice a leak. You can extend the water pumps life by having regular maintenance. Just as you keep your body healthy through diet and exercise, you should change the fluids and have regular inspections on your vehicle.

Below are some ways you can use to change the water pump

  1. Remove harmonic pulley, spark plugs, and valve cover
  • Remove the short bolts that hold the power steering. After getting rid of these bolts remove the valve cover.
  • Remove the smoke plug using a spark plug socket. You should be careful not to drop or break the spark plugs
  • Prevent trash, dirt, and screws from getting into the cylinders. They can cause damage to your engine.
  • Make the harmonic pulley loose
  • Reconnect your battery so that the starter motor can have a momentary bump
  • Check if the bolts are loosened up
  1. Align timing, timing marks, accessory belts
  • Loosen the bolts connecting the valve cover and the engine
  • Remove the valve cover so that you can access the timing belt. The top of the belt will sprocket
  • Ensure that the engine is off if you are using retaining bolts and cam timing sprockets. Do not turn the engine if you are using the timing belt
  • Align all the timing marks so that they line up straight across the cam sprockets
  • Block the wheels and work on the level ground using wooden pieces
  • Loosen the front wheels
  • Support your engine using a jack
  • Remove the harmonic pulley bolt and remove the pulley
  1. Removing the engine mount
  • The first step in removing the motor mount is unbolting these bolts
  • When you lift the heavy lump you will be able to remove the hidden bolts
  • Be careful as you remove the motor mount bracket. Ensure you do not damage the hoses and wiring
  • Start by removing the small engine mount brackets. It is made of heavy steel and you ought to be careful when you handle it.
  1. Install new tensioner, new timing belt, idler, and water pump
  • While removing the old timing belt, turn it counter-clockwise. Do it little by little so that you do not spoil the other parts
  • Remove the tensioner by loosening the belt in the middle
  • Remove the “idler” pulley from the timing belt
  • Loosen the bolts of the water pump though they are hard to reach
  • Clean the engine block thoroughly, to remove all material that might cause corrosion or rust
  • Put in the new water pump and follow all the instructions
  • Install the idler pulley and make sure you tighten the mounting bolt
  • Put in the timing belt
  • Remove the stopper block
  1. Reassemble
  • Assemble all the parts in reverse order you removed them and tighten all the bolts
  • Install the lower half cover and tighten the middle bolt
  • Place the crankshaft pulley in
  • Install the harmonic crank shaft pulley
  • Install the small engine mount bracket
  • Install all the spark plugs and the spark plug cables
  • Refill the radiator with the coolant
  • Reconnect the battery
  • Let it idle as you check that everything is ok

Things to consider before getting a water pump

  • Price

Your budget will be a major consideration when you want to buy a water pump. You have to buy something that you will be able to afford without going off budget.

  • Ease of installation

You should buy a water pump that you will be comfortable installing. You do not need the services of a mechanic to do the installation for you. By installing it yourself you will be able to save a lot of money.

  • Size/model of your car

The size of your car is a major determinant of what type of water pump you should acquire.

  • Durability

When you want to buy a water pump, go for something that will last a long time. At Plumbing Lab, we recommend you buy a water pump made of steel. A highly durable pump saves you money in the long run.

  • Compatibility

Seek the advice of your mechanic so that you can get something that will be compatible with your vehicle.

Other considerations

  • Mechanical

The mechanical water pump is the most common in today’s vehicles. Since it is used widely you can easily access it. It is powerful than the electric one.

  • Electric

It is fuel-efficient and will not affect your engines performance.

Clearly, if your water pump is making noise or leaking, then most likely it is approaching the end of its life. You should replace it as soon as possible. The survival of your car’s engine depends on the circulation of this coolant. It keeps it cool and temperatures at a controlled level. Not all the heat will be released via the exhaust and you will need the water pump operational.

Depending on your vehicle, this can be an easy job, which you can do for yourself. It can also be a hard job that requires the services of a professional. All in all as soon as you realize a problem with your pump make sure you repair or replace it.

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How to Replace the Sump Pump Float Switch



The sump pump is a very efficient mechanical device with a fair bit of technology as well. It has several crucial components where the float switch is considered as the most important of all. A lot of things need to be considered regarding the quality, efficiency and ease of use of the float switch. If it is a manual one, then the location of the float switch must be ideal to access it with ease at the time of the need. The automatic float switches are the ideal ones as they are automatically activated at the time of need. It detects the inflow of the water in the crawlspace and the float switch responds in accordance to the needs of pumping out the water.

However, there could be many issues related to the sump pump float switch where it might malfunction or couldn’t work as per your expectation and needs of the job. If this is the situation, then the switch should be replaced with a new one. It is a simple Do It Yourself project, which you can do without any external help required. This guide will also tell you as how could you replace the float switch of your sump pump.

Replace the Sump Pump Float Switch

Replacing the sump pump float switch

A sump pump float switch needs to be replaced if it is not performing the job of the simple On/Off process. It might get damaged due to pebbles and debris in your sump pump pit or it may also be due to poor maintenance of the equipment. The following are the things required for accomplishing this task:

  • The replacement switch
  • Glue
  • Zip ties
  • Screw driver
  • Silicone Sealant
  • Concrete Sealant

The major steps required for replacing the switch

The following is a list of the major steps which you need to perform for replacing the float switch of your sump pump equipment:

  • Preparing the equipment for the replacement–The sump pump is prepared for the float switch replacement by draining out all the water which could be present in the sump pump basin. Once all the water has drained out, then you must disconnect the sump pump from the power source in order to remove the switch safely.
  • Removing the switch – If you are unable to locate the float switch, then the location can be determined easily by reading the product user manual. Once the location is determined, then just removes the malfunctioning float switch from the unit. This will make things ready for exposing the housing of the float switch.
  • Opening the float switch – The screwdriver should be used then for unscrewing all the connection of the float switch. The access to the float switch housing would expose the electrical switch inside it. Remove and replace the switch using the waterproof glue. Let it dry completely before you re-assemble the switch and also then replacing that into the pump.
  • Test after replacing – The switch should be inserted back into the pump. Test the switch if it is performing according to the requirement and expectations or not. If not, then you should be checking it thoroughly to sort out the issue quickly.

It’s a minor task, still needs to get fixed accurately and quickly. People mostly prefer to work this out on their own. But, it should also be considered as an important and crucial task. Because any fault while fixing the switch may affect the performance and overall working of you sump pump and may lead to bigger issue and hazards top the sump pump itself.

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Tips To Prepare a Sump Pump Pit



The sump pump pit is the foundation for installing a sump pump. If the pit is excellently prepared then the productivity of the sump pump would be maximized and you would also have far less issues to worry about, once you have installed a sump pump at the ideally prepared pump pit. The quality preparation denies water from accumulating in the basement or the crawlspace. The water can be dangerous and can cause a lot of issues to your house and your belongings inside. Thus, the only good solution is to prepare an adequate sump pump pit and then install a quality sump pump to pump away the water from the crawlspace.

Prepare a Sump Pump Pit

Things that you will need

The following are the major things that you will require for making a sump pump pit by yourself:

  • Sum pump liner
  • Digging equipment
  • Level
  • Tape measure

Steps required for preparing the sump pump pit

The following are the steps required for preparing the sump pump pit:

  • Locating the problematic spot– The ideal location for digging a sump pump pit is where the water accumulates in your crawlspace. This will allow your sump pump to work efficiently. Make sure that the spot that you have selected has got no nearby utility or the drain lines. If you are unsure about the lines, then all you can do is to proceed slowly for digging by making sure that no nearby drainage lines could be affected. Further, the spot shouldn’t be closer to any of the outside openings as the temperature there can be very cold which makes the system vulnerable to freezing.
  • Digging – The pit should be dug 2 feet in width and 2.5 feet in depth. Make sure that there are no substantial roots, rocks or any other such obstruction in the way. The walls of the pit may be tapered, if needed. The size of the pit can also be determined with the size of the liner which you are going to install next. It’s important to dig according to the size of the liner you are going to place there, because huge difference in the size of the pit and the liner would cause fitting issues and may not let you fix the whole set up properly in place. Though, little or minor difference, can be accommodated easily to fix up the system.
  • The liner installation – When you are looking to install or insert the liner in the pit that has been dug then make sure that the liner of the sump pump could fit in very smoothly and seamlessly. It should be at a fixed and steady level with no free moving of the equipment. The voids that essentially surround the fit should be ideally filled in using dirt or mud. Insert mud as needed or until it reaches the saturation level. This is an important part as it will securely hold the liner in its place. It is highly critical to have the sump pump liner at the constant level right throughout the complete liner insertion process. If it is correctly laid then it will let the water to pass effectively, but the dirt and debris will be blocked. You can leave 1 inch of clearance on all the sides of the liner. This will avoid blockage from any debris or dirt.

Through all these steps the most important things is to keep in mind the point to which you need to dig the pit and the size of it. Its because the better you prepare according to the required size the better you can achieve the installation of your sump pump in an easy and precise way.

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Continuous Running of a Sump Pump


If a sump pump is running continuously, then it’s probably not a good sign. It is better if a sump pump runs in intervals. Continuous running translates to more wear and tear and an increase in electricity bill. If your sump pump has started to run continuously, it’s best if you solve it as soon as possible. Finding the root of the problem is the primary step in this process. There could be a few reasons why a sump pump has been running continuously.

Continuous Running of a Sump Pump


Stuck Switch – Your sump pump has a float switch which turns on the device when water level rises in the pit. Sometimes, a float switch will get stuck in the “on” setting, which could happen because of jamming, clogging or tangling of the switch in the system. This will cause your machine to run continuously.

Not Enough Power – These devices have a certain value of horsepower. That is the amount of work they can do. If the pump is too small for the application you intend to use it, it will run almost continuously and break down sooner than later. It’s better to invest in a strong machine from the start which will be up to the task you throw at it.

Faulty or Missing Check Valve – The check valve is installed on the discharge pipe to make sure that none of the water that passes the point, returns to the sump pit. If in any case, a check valve is missing or not there in the first place, water that doesn’t cross the point where the pipe runs downhill will return back to the pit. The pump will activate again in order to push it out. Until all the water is pushed out, this process will be repeated nonstop. This will wear out the sump pump earlier than expected. Neglecting this issue can turn into a big problem, while the earlier fix is rather inexpensive.

Small Liner – If the liner is too small, but the pump is powerful, what happens is that it will discharge water faster than the liner will fill. The device will turn on and then off and then on again. This will severely decrease the life of it.

Continuous Flooding – Although it’s generally considered a good thing to dig your pump deep in the ground, it can affect the running of your sump pump. This would occur if the water table is present right under the basement floor. If left unsolved, your pump will run continuously, and it may give up when the flood gets even worse during heavy rain. In such a case, your basement will flood and it would cost you more than the repair’s cost.

Leakages – You might have a sprinkler in your yard broken somewhere from underground or a leaking sewer pipe under your floor. This would continuously flood the pit with water. The pump would have to work continuously in order to pump the water out. So we see that even a minor external problem can cause a big problem. This can even lead to foundation heaving or other bigger damages to your home.

These above mentioned scenarios are some of the most common factors that cause a sump pump to run continuously. Such an issue should be noticed as early as possible and if you don’t bother to take.

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4 Ways to Keep Your Home Clean This Winter


The winter season is here and apart from the entertainment and indoor as well as outdoor fun activities, the winter days can be tedious in house cleaning. Keeping the moisture of snow and mud out of your home seems difficult to handle but here we share some easy-to-do ways to keep your house winter clean.

  1. Dust and Sand

The major issue that may arise during winter is the dust particles and grit inside your home as there is less opening of windows and the air is dry and warm inside. It can scratch the tiles and floor of kitchen and bath rooms as well as make your carpets and rugs full of dust mites and mold. The regular vacuuming of the house is must to save you from the allergies. The often overlooked areas such as tops of windows and corners of décor must be cleaned once in a while to keep the inside of fresh and dust free. The regular cleaning of the home’s air ducts is essential during winters. People usually do not realize the fact that during winter they actually seal the potentially harmful contaminants inside the house and the air filters can get clogged causing the allergies and sickness for the dwellers, the simple solution is to change the air filters at least once or twice in a week and keep the air fresh inside.

  1. Carpets and Floor

The deep cleaning of carpets, rugs and floor during winter days is must. The melted salt, snow, mud and grit gets collected between the fibers of carpet and tiles of the floor the which not looks untidy but also make the indoor unpleasant. To save your home from all the mud and salt you can place a shoe rack near the entrance where all the snow boots and shoes can be placed or you can put a mat which absorbs the excess dust and water. The next task is to steam clean the carpets more often and scrub the floors to make them clean and shiny. You can save your time of cleaning by placing throw-rugs on the mostly used areas of the house to make it easier for you to clean the mess and save your carpets from stains.

  1. Furnace Cleaning

The furnace cleaning and maintenance must be scheduled and done before the winter season to save yourself from any inconvenience. Mostly the furnace is coated with grime and dust which directly affects its ability to function properly. It is important to get it cleaned up professionally to make it energy-efficient and safe. Do not forget to check the furnace filter and change it if required to keep your season peacefully warm and the dust and debris accumulated inside the burners of furnace should be cleaned properly before starting it.

  1. Cleaning the Kitchen

You must not ignore the deep cleaning of kitchen especially ceiling which might have a layer of funk from the cooking smoke, oil and moisture fumes from cooking. You can use a dish washing soap and sponge to scrub it off to make it neat and clean.

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How Does a Sump Pump Work


Have you ever wondered how does a sump pump work? If not, you are in the right spot to get an idea about the working of sump pumps.

A Sump pump is nothing but a pump that is fixed on the bottom of the floor which is being used to discharge the accumulated water from the floor. These pumps are frequently used at the time of flooding or when the groundwater increases and floods the bottom area. Its work is to pump out the excess water from the basement and keep the area dry. People who live in ground floor or has a house in a very down region are the victims of this flood. A sump pump is a very useful tool for such people. Based on nature, Sump pumps can be divided into two types- namely submersible pump and pedestal pump.

How Does a Sump Pump Work

Working of a sump pump:

Submersible pump:

  • The submersible pump is generally immersed in the water. Therefore this pump lies at the bottom of the floor and has a capability to run inside the water.
  • The sump pump works with the help of electricity through a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) which protects from unwanted short circuits. Placing the switch in a dry area is always advisable.
  • Groundwater is collected with the help of drain rocks which is laid at the bottom of the floor. By this process, the water level slowly starts increasing.
  • With the help of perforated pipe or drain tile, the water is carried to the large sump tank or the sump pit. The size of the tank varies based on the location. The tank can be made of concrete, fibreglass, steel, tile and etc. This tank is located at the bottom of the floor.
  • A flat sheet covers the bottom end of the pipe, which is specially designed to allow only the water to get into the pipe and avoids debris. Therefore the pump runs smoothly without getting struck by any substances.
  • This sump pump tank has two holes in it. One for the collection of water from the perforated pipe and other for discharging the water out from the tank.
  • When the sump pump tank is filled up to a certain level by water, the float activator or the pressure sensor hits the pump and the pump automatically gets started. This pump can also be activated manually when the water reaches a certain point.
  • Proper maintenance of the pump should be taken care. If there is no proper maintenance the pump fails to get started when the water reaches a certain level.
  • When the pump is activated the fan like device called the impeller starts rotating.
  • Due to the deviating force, the impeller that spins will force the water towards the sides of the pump. As there are only two holes (one for collection and one for discharge) the water is forced out through the discharge hole.
  • Therefore water is carried out through the discharge pipe and released out from your house. A check valve is fixed on the discharge pipe which helps the water to run one way and avoids the water from backflow.

A pedestal pump:

  • A pedestal pump is a pump that is placed in a dry place above the flooded area.
  • Like submersible pump it works with electricity and but the worry of short circuit is eliminated as the pump is above the water level in a dry area.
  • Due to heavy rain or due to increase in groundwater level, down areas are flooded with water and affects the normal life.
  • Unlike the submersible pump, along inlet pipe (through which water is sucked out) is dropped into the flooded water.
  • The pump is turned on manually and the water is sucked up through the pipe and released out in another area.
  • The pedestal pump is usually louder than the submersible pump as it is laid outside the water.

Usually, when there is a flood due to rain or any natural disaster, it is very common that power will not be available till the water level decreases. In order to survive this situation, it is advisable to have a pump along with a battery or to have a generator for safety purpose.

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  1. Battery backup pumps:

Every one of us knows that a sump pump runs with the support of electricity. But few of us never think how a sump pump can work when there are heavy storms and no electricity. It is due to the backup. Most of the pumps come along with backup availability. It can run without break with the help of backup feature.

  1. Sump pump maintenance:

Sump pump must be properly maintained atleast for every 3 months. First, disconnect the power of the sump pump. Drain out if there is any water still present in it and also remove if there is debris present near the sump pump which can later make a problem. Power on the sump pump and pour some water inside and look whether the sump pump kick starts automatically. Also look whether the water is released out to the correct location.

  1. Cover the top with plastic:

If you are installing a sump pump below your house then the opening must be inside your house. In such case, if it is left out without closing, the smell is going to affect your whole house. Therefore cover the top opening with a plastic which reduces the evaporation of smell. It also saves the kids and pets from falling into the pit.

  1. Safe electricity:

Ensure that the cord is long enough to reach the sump pump. This safeguards you from an electric short circuit when the switch is placed at a very long distance. As the work of pump is concerned with water it is advisable to buy a long wired cord.

  1. Check valve:

Have you ever wondered what this check valve is and why it is fixed on the discharge pipe? Its work is to check the flow of water in one particular direction. In other words, it protects from backflow of water in a discharge pipe.

  1. Does it makes anunusual sound:

By using a sump pump for weeks and months probably you might be used to the sound of the sump pump. But suddenly when you hear an unusual sound from the sump pump it shows that there is a problem somewhere. Try to replace the pump or overhaul them before it completely stops working.

  1. Horsepower in pumps:

Do you know the reason for the difference in horsepower in sump pumps? To understand better let us look into a short example. Let’s take three sump pumps, one with 1/3rd horsepower, second with ½ horsepower and the other with one horsepower. If you only have to move the water 20 feet away from the house then a 1/3rd horsepower pump will work fine. If you have to move the water further way long then go for a higher horsepower. If you want to move the water 60 feet or more from the house then ½ or one horsepower pump works fine.

  1. The float mechanism:

There are different float mechanisms used in different pumps. To choose a right one first you must know what the normal water level is. For instance, a pedestal pump turns on when the water level raises to 10 inches. In a submersible pump, one variety works with a diaphragm switch. It can turn on when the water level has attained 8 inches and no adjustment can be made. And another model of submersible pump floats and kick-starts when the water reaches 4 inches. Another submersible pump works with a tether switch

  1. Two active pumps:

When the basement is a large area, one single sump pump cannot handle the situation. At this time you can buy a two active sump pumps variant. It has two pumps which can quickly send out excess water from the house. When one sump pump fails to kick start then the other starts and discharge the water.

  1. Plastic or cast iron:

Cast iron pumps are heavy in weight and also works perfectly for more number of years. It also does not float in water. But in case of plastic pumps, they are light in weight and can easily float if the water level is more. Though the manufacturer guarantees for few years it is not the right option.

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How To Pick The Best RV Water Pump For Your RV


Have you been wondering how to pick the best RV water pump for your RV? Well, wonder no more. We here at Hiking Camping Guide website are willing to help.

We understand too well that an ordinary camping enthusiast like you may not possess the right skills to make the best possible decision. That is why we have dedicated this review to help you do the job well. We strongly urge you to also consider visiting our website to know more about hiking and camping gears reviews before buying them.

best rv water pump

Things to Consider Before purchasing The RV Water Pump

  • Power Consumption and Output

These water pumps consume some power to generate the rotational force that eventually pumps the water. The power consumption rating is designated in Volts (V). The power output, on the other hand, refers to the amount of force with which they pump out water. It is designated as Watts (W).

A good water pump has to consume as little power as possible and release or pump out water with as much force as possible. You should, therefore, settle for one that has as low Voltage and as high Wattage ratings as possible.

  • Pumping Capacity (Flow Rate)

This refers to the quantity of water that the said pump can handle at any given time. It is designated as Gallons per Minute (GPM). Your choice of the right pump on the basis of this consideration should mainly be informed by your water needs.

Choose a pump that has a higher flow rate in case you will require plenty of water and vice versa. You should also ensure that your tank is large enough to accommodate the extra volume of water.

  • Noise Emission Levels

Water pumps carry out the task of pumping water primarily by generating rotational force from their motors. This force is the one that ‘sucks’ water from the source and ‘pushes’ it to the tanks. In the course of doing so, the motors generate some noise. In case you intend to utilize your recreational vehicle in areas that are sensitive to noise such as public squares, pay keen attention to the pump’s noise emission levels. Choose a pump that is as quiet as possible.

  • Overall Dimensions

How long, wide, deep and heavy is the pump of interest? The best pump has to be able to fit in the limited space that is at your disposal. So you should first and foremost ascertain the space that is in existence at your disposal before you proceed to acquire that pump that fits that particular space.

best water pump for rv

Other than that, you should also determine how frequently and remotely you intend to utilize the pump. Settle for a lighter pump if you will have to manually carry the pump every quite often. This is to spare you from unnecessary hassles and drag.

  • Compatibility

Obviously, the water pump of choice has to be able to work together with the existing plumbing of your recreational vehicle without conflicts or inconsistencies. This is to prevent any leakages, damages, or unnecessary inconveniences. To take the guesswork out of your mind, you should only settle for that water pump that is recommended by the manufacturer of your recreational vehicle. This is because the specifications of those pumps are more likely to blend well with the technical specifications of your recreational vehicle.


Of course, the factors to consider we have outlined above are not all that you should possibly think of. There are indeed several other factors which we inevitably had to leave out due to the limited time and space at our disposal. We, therefore, urge you to consider carrying out further research in order to familiarize yourself with all of them. In all, a water pump for a recreational vehicle is a very worthy possession. If you are a camping enthusiast or the lover of outdoors, you clearly have no choice but to incorporate it into a standard part of your armory. Use the tips above on how to pick the best RV water pump for your RV to go about the issue.

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Best RV Water Pump Reviews 2018- Top Picks

If you have got your own motor home, the most important thing you need to ensure is whether your best RV water pump is working right. An RV water pump plays a key role in pressurizing preserved engine water so as to pump it right into the engine. The water pump is the most vital section of an RV’s cooling system that also takes into consideration the assorted hoses as well as the radiator. The pump is composed of a small propeller inside that is enclosed by a metal housing, molting directly to the engine block. What leads to the pumping action is the spinning motion of the propeller. Now bring home a quality RV water pump to make sure that there is a regular flow of water whenever you need it.

Top 5 RV Water Pump Comparison Chart on The Market

  • Shurflo 2088-554-144
  • Item Weight : 8 pounds
  • Voltage:- 12 volts
  • Dimensions:- 17 x 11 x 5 inches
  • Flojet 03526-144A
  • Item Weight :- 4 pounds
  • Voltage:- 12 volts
  • Dimensions:- 9 x 4 x 4 inches
  • SHURFLO 4008-101-A65
  • Item Weight:- 5 pounds
  • Voltage:- 12 volts
  • Dimensions:- 6 x 6 x 4 inches
  • Water Diaphragm Self Priming Pump
  • Item Weight :- 4.75 pounds
  • Voltage:- 12 volts
  • Dimensions:- 10.6 x 5.8 x 5.2 inches
  • Shurflo 4048153E75
  • Item Weight:- 5 pounds
  • Voltage:- 12 volts
  • Dimensions:- 6.2 x 6.2 x 12.5 inches

7 Best RV Water Pump Reviews


Shurflo 2088-554-144 Fresh Water Pump

When you head to buy a water pump, one of the names that strike your mind is SHURflo. With its name and reputation, it brings the innovative 2088-554-144 Delivery Pump. Known for its unmatched performance, it scores well in high flow and has the ability to be used in various transfer and dispense on-demand applications. One of the reasons why a lot of homeowners prefer using it is that it can be easily used for drinking water and preparing food. Easy to maintain, it can be mounted in any position. If you are, therefore, looking for a portable water solution for your RV, go for SHURflo 2088-554-144.

best rv water pump

Features and Specifications:

  • Fully automatic and comes equipped with a diaphragm
  • Has the ability to flow up to 3.5 GPM @45 PSI that produces sufficient water whenever required
  • Designed to support high-volume devices like vending machines and also for reservoir and delivery draining
  • Can safeguard backflow of fluid by means of the pumps
  • Its automatic shut-off feature lets keep track of the water level when full
  • Acquires the potential to run dry without causing damage
  • NSF certified, which means it can be used for domestic purposes like drinking water and preparation of food


  • Runs on a 12 VDC pump that is quite strong and durable
  • Sports a unique 3-chamber design that makes it stand out among other water pumps
  • Has a strong flow rate of 3.5 gallons per minute
  • Quite light in weight as it weighs only five pounds


  • Makes a bit of noise
  • Back cover not so good and reliable
  • Pressure switch not stable enough to last long

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon


Flojet 18555-000A, Portable RV Waste Pump

Here comes a portable water pump from the house of Flojet, which you can now connect to your RV waste outlet. Equipped with a garden hose discharge port, Flojet 18555-000A has the ability to deliver fresh water and rinse off things with ease. Being extremely user-friendly, it comes with an on/off switch that makes it easier to operate. With a six-inch wire harness, it lets the user feel convenient in making it operate in the right manner. Compact in size, it is easy to store. What makes it stand out is its run dry protection up to 30 seconds. With a 12 VDC motor, it is no doubt an efficient pump for multiple purposes and, therefore, stands worth the money.

rv water pump reviews

Features and Specifications:

  • Can make direct connection to the waste outlet of the recreational vehicle
  • Has the potential to drain holding tanks by using convenient sewer receivers for domestic purposes
  • Capable to deliver fresh water for rinsing purposes
  • Equipped with garden hose discharge port
  • Quite user-friendly with an On/Off remote handheld switch and 6-inch wire harness
  • Allows run dry protection for up to 30 seconds
  • Compact in size and easy to store in its storage case provided
  • Runs on 12 VDC Motor that makes it perform well and strengthen its durability


  • Has the power to drain quite swiftly
  • Very easy to mount and install that hardly takes time
  • Works perfectly and leaves no question in terms of cleanliness
  • Equipped with safety sensor that protects it from overheating


  • Durability of pump is in question as lasts for up to 6 months
  • Switch might not work efficiently
  • Pump finds it difficult to connect to waste outlet

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Remco (55-AQUAJET ARV) Aquajet RV Series Water Pump

If you are looking for a modern-age water pump, Remco 55 Aquajet will just be the one with its upgraded technology and auto-speed adjustment abilities. Its soft-start feature wipes off all possibilities of making extra noise during operation. Moreover, what strengthens its flow is its 5-valve design that will assure users to get sufficient water whenever necessary. Furthermore, its 5-chamber design makes it displace more water in comparison to what is done by those 3 or 4 chamber models. Owing to its shut-off feature at 75 to 85 PSI, it perfectly holds on to its filtration system. In other words, this feature-rich water pump can be a great pick for RV owners.

best rv water pump reviews

Features and Specifications:

  • Runs on an on-demand pump of 12 Volts that makes it perform with no flaws
  • Mounting pattern is easy and advanced as it can be mounted with no hassles at all
  • Does not make noise like other pumps with similar features
  • Rapid cycling noises are eliminated for its unique soft start feature
  • Pump has a 5-chamber diaphragm that supports self-priming as well
  • Has the capability to run completely dry ensuring zero damage
  • Has dimensions of 8.89 x 4 x 4.60 inches ( L x W x H)


  • Has the power to deliver 5.3 gallons per minute of water
  • Ideal for using more than one faucet at the same time
  • Maximum power that can be drawn is 10 Amps
  • Has an impressive shut-off pump pressure of 60 PSI


  • Pressure delivered is not strong and stable
  • Often makes a lot of noise that sounds really annoying

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SHURFLO 4008-101-A65 New 3.0 GPM RV Water Pump

Is it high time to get rid of your old RV water pump and bring in a new-age one? Have a look at SHURFLO 4008-101-A65 that has been built with a 1-piece diaphragm along with internal by-pass. Be it any plumbing system, this water pump assures a stunning performance and promises to stay strong for a lifetime. Known for its high-flow demand, this stunning water pump will hardly make any noise. Being thermally protected, it holds the ability to run dry without inflicting damage. One of its best aspects is that it can be easily mounted that makes it effortless to install it rightly.

shurflo rv water pump

Features and Specifications:

  • Holds a speed of delivering 3 gallons of water per minute that assures a sufficient flow during emergencies
  • With a one-piece diaphragm and internal by-pass, the pump has been provided an innovative design
  • Motor makes no noise at all and therefore a suitable choice for all RVs
  • Runs on 12V DC operation that makes it quite energy-efficient and eliminating high utility bills
  • Has a built-in check valve and runs completely dry
  • Thermally protected that enhances its performance and safety at the same time
  • Weighs 5 pounds that does not weigh much


  • Quite energy-efficient as it makes use of only 7.5 Amps
  • Runs with absolute silence assuring no noise at all
  • Has the potential to operate at 55 PSI
  • Equipped with a built-in check valve
  • Runs dry with no possibilities of damage


  • Ability to pull water is weak and must be improved
  • Possibilities of leakage are high
  • Needs to install with carefulness, or otherwise, there are chances of damage

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Water Diaphragm Self Priming Pump

Want to switch to a new water pump that can support your RV along with other agricultural purposes? Well, you should not then take your eyes off this 12 Volt rv water pump from the house of Seaflo. This diaphragm built pump comes with ½ inch barbed hose adaptors along with fifty mesh inlet strainer. With pressure set at 45 PSI, this water pump holds a capacity of 2.8 gallons per minute. With its potential to run dry without causing damage, it operates in complete silence. As it runs on a 12 VDC motor, it will not consume much electricity, making it score high on energy-efficiency.

best water pump for rv

Features and Specifications:

  • Supported with threaded connections and multiple fittings that help it connect to any outlet
  • Complete thermal protection stops the motor from overheating further
  • Featured with Automatic Restart that activates in case of any malfunctioning
  • Motor runs with almost no noise that makes it quite advantageous for running RVs
  • Comes with an adjustable pressure switch at 17-60 PSI
  • Prevents noise from vibrations for having semi-rigid rubber feet
  • As it weighs only 1.9 kg, it is quite light in weight
  • Maximum ampere that can be drawn by the motor is 8.0 A


  • Less amperage and therefore long battery life
  • Easy to install and takes not more than five minutes
  • Pump operates quietly with no noise at all
  • Pressure delivered is 45 PSI, which is quite strong leading to great performance


  • Chances of overheating are high, causing burns on the motor
  • Durability of pump is not good
  • Issues in pumping operations

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Shurflo 4048153E75 Electric Water Pump

What RVs need is improved water flow systems, or otherwise, you might be left in dire straits in the midst of your journey. So, why not get Shurflo 4048153E75 and block possibilities of all such odds? Made with an exclusive one-piece diaphragm and internal by-pass, this water pump would assure not only a smooth flow but would also stand strong in terms of longevity and of course performance. Its capacity to produce 4 gallons of water per minute along with its pressure at 55 PSI will never leave you with thin flows. Certainly, one can go for it as it ensures thermal protection and runs dry with no chances of any damage.

rv on demand water pump

Features and Specifications:

  • Has an impressive capacity of delivering 4 gallons of water per minute
  • Equipped with Flow Reaction Technology that results in reduced cycling
  • Thermal protection at its best, making it capable to run dry
  • Stops backflow due to the check valve installed within
  • Easy to install as it can be mounted in any position
  • Ensures more safety owing to its auto voltage protection
  • Does not need any pressure switch that makes it convenient to operate
  • Water flow pressure is 55 PSI and has the power to deliver 4 gallons of water every minute


  • High on power and performance
  • Has the ability to deliver 4 gallons of water per minute
  • Flexible to use with all types of fittings
  • Very easy to install and takes no time for it
  • Pressure switch not required


  • Pump might stop working after a few months
  • Shut-off switch often burns out
  • Pressure is not sustained

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Flojet 03526-144A Triplex Diaphragm Automatic Water System Pump

Belonging to the triplex diaphragm series, Flojet 03526-144A steps in with a promise to keep a smooth flow of water. For its pulsation eliminator built within, this advanced water pump will not require any accumulator tank for operation. All those annoying vibrations will be kept at a distance for its soft, absorbing mounts. It weighs only 4 pounds and is, therefore, quite light in weight. Also, it is compact in size as it has dimensions of 9 x 4 x 4 inches. With three chambers, it runs completely dry with a promise of causing zero damage.

flojet rv water pump

Features and Specifications:

  • Has the power to draw water from the holding tank
  • Can pump up to 2.9 GPM that equals to sufficient water during necessity
  • Operates quite smoothly and with no noise at all
  • For being corrosion resistant, the water pump enjoys more durability
  • Very easy to mount without any hassle
  • Has a maximum pressure capacity of 50 PSI
  • Runs on 12 Volt DC current that prevents it from consuming more electricity, keeping a check on utility bills
  • Has snap-it port fittings that make it easier to install


  • Very easy to install and cycles well at minimal flow rates
  • Has the ability to pump up to 2.9 gallons per minute
  • Self-priming and runs dry when necessary
  • Completely corrosion resistant that makes it more durable
  • No hassles in mounting


  • Gets overheated and shuts down
  • Not very durable and can break down anytime
  • Does not pump water too well

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Types of RV Water Pumps

Confusions are indeed less when it comes to categorizing the types of RV water pumps. To be more precise, this categorization depends majorly on the voltage. There are two types of RV water pumps to be considered. They are:

  • 12V Pump:

These water pumps are typically used in recreational vehicles or what you call car and vans or motor homes. Twelve-volt water pumps are the standard ones that have been specifically designed for use in recreational vehicles only. In terms of pressure, it is quite low in comparison to the larger ones. What you simply need to ensure that it is in fine working condition so that it delivers sufficient flow of water whenever you need it and also that you are not compelled to repair it at a short time period from the date of buying it.

  • 24V Pump:

If you are expecting greater water pressure, go for a 24V water pump. Although these pumps are best for trucks and buses, they can also be used in RVs. With a 24V water pump, you can always expect higher water flow and a more superior performance. These water pumps are actually meant to accomplish bigger jobs than merely providing water for minimal use. Just like you need to take good care of a 12V water pump, a 24V one also needs the same amount of care and maintenance for keeping up with its durability and performance.

Remember, if you are looking for an energy-saving water pump for your RV only, a 12V water pump will always be more profitable.


How to Choose the Best RV Water Pump

Imagine that you are all ready to set out on a trip in your RV. Although it starts off well, you discover somewhat later that the faucets there are left with a thin flow of water. Therefore, you will come to know that the RV water pump is not working, or to be precise, it’s time that you should now get a new RV water pump. Well, if this is the situation you are facing, you must know the type of RV water pump you want to buy. So, here is a list of considerations that would help you choose the quiet rv water pump. Take a look:

  • Check the specifications –

When it comes to buying an RV water pump, checking its specifications is extremely essential. The better you understand its specifications, the easier it would be to choose your desired RV water pump. One of the important aspects in this context is checking the amount of water it will deliver per minute. Remember, if the RV water pump you are looking for can deliver at least three gallons of water per minute, you are choosing a standard one.

  • Check the electrical support –

Since it’s a recreational vehicle, your RV water pump will require only 12 volts. So, you don’t need to worry unless the one you are going to buy is less than this voltage range. Just make sure to place a fuse for the wiring part prior to installing the pump. Also, try not to run a chassis. Instead, a twin wire can do a good job.

  • Check the sound effect –

A lot of RV owners tend to let go the sound factor while choosing an RV water pump. Reality says that the sound of an RV pump often depends on its power and type. Even if your pump emits a bit of sound, make sure to buy a lid separately if not provided together and seal it well during operation. In this process, air would also not be allowed to enter into the pump, which might further result in overheating.

  • Check the capacity –

Every RV owner will want to buy a pump with good water capacity so that there remains a constant flow of water whenever required. Therefore, it is very important to check how much gallon of water the pump will be able to hold. In this process, you will also be checking its pressure rating.

  • Check its energy efficiency–

As a matter of fact, when a pump is made to run, it consumes a certain volume of electricity. But there are several RV water pumps that are highly energy-efficient and can, therefore, cut down a lot on the utility bills. However, you should always check the pump must have sufficient power to deliver a good flow of water.

Now that you have come to know what to consider and what not while buying a good RV water pump, it would help you choose the best model as per your requirement and budget.


Finally, you have bagged sufficient knowledge on different types of RV water pumps and their operations. Now, you are all set to make the purchase to ensure hassle-free trips in your RV. So just relax, set your budget, inspect the voltage outlets, go through the pros and cons of each model that has been discussed and make the right decision. Despite, if you are still feeling perplexed, you can always talk to experts owning RVs. Just be sure of the investment you are going to make, and if it clicks, you are sure to have more fun with your RV.

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Best Sump Pump Check Valve Reviews 2018

Have you ever wondered how does the water is discharged out of the sump pump in one direction and not backwards? If you do wonder, the reason behind is because of a check valve located on the discharge pipe. The best sump pump check valve helps to prevent the backflow of water into the tank when the motor is turned off.

How does it work?

The check valve works based on the flow of water. The internal disk present in the check valve allows the water to move forward which opens the valve and automatically closes when the forward flow declines or is reversed.

Best 5 Sump Pump Check Valve Comparison Chart


Top 7 Best Sump Pump Check Valve Reviews


Zoeller 30-0181 PVC Plastic Check Valve

A good check valve is essential for proper working of a sump pump. If you are facing a problem with loud noises (such as hammering) then this check valve brings you silence. They are the best rated traditional check valves. The installation process can be done very easily. When the pump stops the valve closes by the gravity of the backwater. It is designed in such way that it lasts for years. It easily slips over PVC, ABS, Steel pipe or copper pipes. The flexible hinge eliminates hinge stress (bending) caused due to earthquakes, and etc. Let’s look into the features of this product

best sump pump check valve

  • Zoeller 30-0181 comes with 1-1/2 inch check valve which is well engineered to suit the pipes.
  • The flapper is designed in such that it bends to a certain extent and drives out the 90-degree edges.
  • It is constructed in such a way that water hammer is reduced.
  • The PVC plastic check body can be solvent for a rigid pressure rated piping system to 25 PSI.
  • It is designed to withstand a heat upto 130-degree Fahrenheit (54 degree Celsius). It is better than most other units available at the local hardware store.


  • They are available at reasonable price.
  • Very good in quality and are reliable.
  • Works quiet (noise free) and smooth.
  • Installation work is very easy and done within minutes.
  • Designed for both positive and vertical installations.
  • Free from water hammer.


  • It is partly made of plastic, which can have a reduced lifespan.
  • The opaque plastic makes it impossible to view during its operation.

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Next is the quiet check valve. If you have a sump pump in the basement of your house and you hear a banging noise you know how annoying it might be? By installing a quiet sump pump check valve there is no question of banging noise when the valve shuts. The name itself describes how quiet it may be. No more headache by the clunking sound. This check valve eliminates the annoying noise caused due to opening and closing of the valve with the spring loaded internal flapper. Therefore any shock makes the bottom check to softly seat itself against the sealing surface. There is a limited manufacturer’s warranty available. The following are the features of this product

sump pump check valve reviews

  • This valve comes with the most popular 1 ½ inch size and made out of plastic.
  • This check valve has a clear display which seems to be very handy for testing or viewing the valve function. Any malfunctions can be identified clearly.
  • This valve also works very silently without making a banging noise.
  • This valve can work in both horizontal and vertical direction without any trouble.
  • It comes with true union couplings which can be screwed and unscrewed easily during replacement.
  • It reduces the water hammering and other air problems completely. It is offered at a reasonable price.


  • As it uses the spring to close and open the valve rather than gravity, it is more silent than any other valves.
  • The working of the check valve is visible with transparent plastic.
  • Handles the pressure and water hammer is also reduced.


  • The strong springs might sometimes reduce the flow of water.
  • Parts made of plastic can reduce the durability of the check valve.

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Superior Pump 99555 Plastic Universal Check Valve Kit

Next is the superior pump 99555 universal check valve. With over 150 years of pump industry experience, the‘superior pump’ makes every product with innovative technology and high-quality components. This valve is made out of durable ABS plastic. It uses a flipper style technique to open and close the valve during operation. The time taken for installation is considerably less. It is designed to fit with PVC pipes, Fernco pipe couplings, ABS Fittings and lot more. Therefore fitting will be easily done and does not involve any problems. It comes with limited manufacturer’s warranty of one year. The following are the features of this check valve

best sump pump check valve reviews

  • It is a trustworthy check valve that comes with 1¼ inch and most popular 1½ inch male and female adopters which is suitable for almost all fittings.
  • It has a high quality and durable nitril (Bruna N) seal which is attributed to excellent oil resistance on industrial equipment and designed for low-pressure water flange. This helps to stay the valve fixed with the pipes.
  • It can work perfectly with the presence of any amount of pressure in the pipe.
  • The package comes with one universal check valve along with two adaptors.


  • Works very quietly by eliminating the banging noise.
  • Offered at a low price when compared to others.
  • Set up time is made quickly.
  • Made with a high-quality nitril rubber seal.


  • Sometimes it breaks during tightening.
  • Plastic made valve can limit the lifespan.
  • Functions are not visible with the opaque plastic material.

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AY McDonald 4424-100 2069C 1 1/2 Clear Silent Check Valve

Next is the AY McDonald check valve. It is a traditional company famous for its quality and reliability. This check valve eliminates the typical banging sound of check valve when the pump shuts. AY McDonald uses a unique dual check design. The top check in the valve which absorbs the shock of the falling water so that the bottom check is seated softly on the sealing surface. All the valves are pressure tested to ensure performance with leak proof. It uses the spring to open and close the valve. It also provides limited warranty period with certain conditions. Let us see the features of this check valve

noisy sump pump check valve

  • It comes with popular 1 ½ inch and 1 ¼ inch size variants which suits with most of the fittings.
  • It is made of plastic which is non-metallic and cannot corrode over time.
  • The body is made of high-grade ABS material. The clamps are made of 301 stainless steel clamps.
  • The hoses are made with Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) which has good ageing stability and abrasion resistance.
  • It has the capability of handling heavy duty pumps. However, this check valve has not been rated at a high temperature.


  • No leakage of water.
  • No worry of pressure as they come pressure tested.
  • Wearing resistance during contact with another surface.
  • It works in both vertical and horizontal directions.
  • Valve works with spring.


  • The flapper (which works with spring) might sometimes seem stiff which can reduce the flow of water.
  • It is made of plastic.

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Zoeller 30-0041 50 psi PVC 2-Port Check Valve

Next is the Zoeller 30- 0041. As we know that Zoeller check valves are best rated traditional valves, this check valve is also a top rated variant. To be the best valve it must be noise resistance. This Zoeller 30- 041 works with springs to open and close the valves and thereby it reduces the banging noise made when the valve stops. These magical springs also eliminate the water hammer caused due to air to a large extent. The body is made of PVC plastic material which helps us to view the functioning of the valve. It has a limited warranty on certain conditions. The following are the features of this product

what is a sump pump check valve

  • It comes with most used 1 ½ inch size which can be easily fitted. It is designed to work in both vertical and horizontal direction.
  • The ‘solvent weld ends’ feature helps the user to join the pipe without much difficulty which paves way for easy installation.
  • Unlike other check valves, threading of pipes is not required.
  • The plastic body has the ability to bear upto 50 PSI of pressure in the pipe. It is also designed to resist upto 130-degree Fahrenheit (54-degree celsius).
  • Suitable for installations that are made below the basin cover.


  • Easy and quick installation can be made with the help of solvent welding.
  • Works efficiently even with high pressure.
  • Transparent valve helps to see the working of the check valve.


  • The ends are O-ring shaped and are unique to this device. If you go wrong in glueing, then you are forced to replace only from Zoeller.

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WAYNE 1-1/2 in. Check Valve With PVC Clamps

Next in our discussion is the Wayne check valves. To reduce the back water flow, this check valve is specially designed to suit any sump pump (both submersible and pedestal sump pump). Like other valves, this one also comes with noise resistance. It uses the gravity of the water to open and close the valves. It also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty up to certain period of time. Let us look into the features of this product.

silent sump pump check valve

  • This valve also comes in 1 ½ inch and 1 ¼ inch pipe connection which is suitable for the majority of the sump pumps.
  • As it is made of PVC plastic, this check valve kit is corrosion resistant which lasts for longer time.
  • It comes with ‘reducer boot’ which can resist high temperature in the pipe.
  • It also comes along with small stainless steel clamp and large stainless steel clamp.
  • Also includes 1 ½ inch shoulder head adaptor along with it.


  • The check valve can resist high temperature of the water.
  • Reduces the noise produced in the check valve.
  • It is suitable for any kind of sump pump.


  • Works with gravity to shut the valve which might increase the chances of water hammering.
  • Not available easily at your local store.

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Glentronics Basement Watchdog Klunkless Check Valve

The last is the watchdog klunkless check valve. Are you awakened on the rainy nights due to the noise created by the check valve when the pump shuts off? Watchdog klunkless valve comes to serve you as a watchdog and give you a pleasant sleep. The word klunkless itself clearly means that noise(clunk) is reduced. It is designed to suit all types of sump pumps. It is also manufactured with a motive to improve the durability of the check valves. Let us look into the features

how does a sump pump check valve work

  • This valve comes with 1 ½ and 1 ¼ inch diameter which is suitable for most of the pipes.
  • They can be easily fitted in compact places.
  • It has a patented silencing air chambers which absorb the shock made when the valve is shut. It also reduces the water hammering sound and other air problems.
  • It also comes with hose clamps made of stainless steel.
  • It also comes with 2 years manufacturer’s warranty which helps to repair the valve if anything goes wrong during these periods without any cost.


  • The installation work seems to be quite easy and quick.
  • Noise is reduced to some extent.
  • It reduces water hammer.
  • Designed in such a way that it lasts for years.


  • It makes noise while the valve shuts after few years of use.
  • There are chances for leakage of water.
  • Not suitable for the horizontal fixture.
  • It is unreliable.

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How to Choose The Best Check Valve For Sump Pump:

There are various sump pump check valves available on the market. Each of them differs substantially in terms of price, quality, durability, performance and etc. Before procuring a check valve for your sump pump have a look at the following points.

Budget: Estimate the budget that you wish to spend on a sump pump check valve. Check valves are available in various price ranges.

Type of sump pump: Know about the type of pump system that you have installed. Sometimes the check valve might fail to work due to mismatch with the pump.

Power level: Also know the power level of the sump pump. The check valve must be capable of functioning with the horsepower of the sump pump.

The frequency of use: Know the frequency of flooding or the frequency of usage of a sump pump. If the frequency is more then buy a branded check valve which can last for along time.

Speed: It emphasises on the speed at which water has to be moved. Select a check valve which can act at a similar speed.

Noise reduction: Emphasis on silent check valves. Check valves can create a loud banging noise when it is closed. Therefore choose a silent one.

Durability: Wish for a metal check valve which ultimately increases the lifespan of the valve. Plastic check valves have less durability than metal valves.

Diameter: Check the diameter of the pipe fitted in the sump pump. It is advisable to take a piece of pipe to get a right fit.


Benefits of Good sump pump check valves:

By choosing the best sump pump check valve, you can enjoy the following benefits

  • Attaching a check valve ensures one-way flow of water and prevents back water flow. This prevents the water to get into the tank again when the pump stops.
  • By fixing a check valve, the life of a sump pump can be improved. When a check valve is not fixed, each time when your sump pump turns off the water rushes back to the tank and causes wear and tear to the pump which in turn reduces the lifespan.
  • Most of the check valve can be used as both vertically as well as horizontally.
  • Fitting a right check valve can eliminate water hammer (causes when the flow of water gets reversed). The valve that does not rely on reverse gravity flow but uses the spring to close will prevent water hammer.
  • Check valves reduce vibration in the pipe. It uses the velocity of the fluid to increase pressure against the valve disk which moves the disk smoothly and gently which in turn reduces vibrations.
  • They act as pressure regulators which in turn saves energy. It helps to reduce the hammering noises by replacing an old valve with a “soft close” or “silent” check valve.
  • The check valve can be replaced without cutting the pipe when it needs to be serviced. Therefore it does not take more time and energy to change to change the check valve.


As we conclude that check valve is an unavoidable part of sump pump which has many added benefits. There is a huge number of check valve models available in the market. Each valve has its own merits and demerits. Need changes from person to person based on size, location, budget, brand, speed and pressure required. With the help of the list of check valves provided above, see whether your needs match with the features of the check valve. Therefore evaluate your needs wisely and choose the right check valve for your sump pump and make the best use of it.

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