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Best Sump Pump Float Switch Reviews

The world is becoming more and more prone to environmental complexities. Indeed, we have ourselves to blame, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Typhoons, Wildfires, and Floods have become more visible. The most, among all, devastating is flooding, which covers vast inhabitants. Therefore, Sump Pump is must in areas where flooding is a routine catastrophe.

A sump pump is an electromechanical device that pumps water out from a sump basin usually constructed in the basement to let the flood water accumulate through the internal drainage system. A Sump Pump is mainly designed with three main components, a motor, impeller, and floating switch. A tiny floating switch plays the most important role in a Sump Pump and activates the pump motor to drain the water out.

However, the sump pump float switch is a delicate component that does not survive many floods. Therefore, it becomes almost mandatory to replace the switch once it is heavily used. There are mainly three types of floating switches available, however the most commonly used it Vertical Action Float Switch. Amazon has a wide collection of Float Switches with handsome discount. Take a look at some of the best sump pump float switches and controllers.

Top 5 Sump Pump Float Switch Reviews


Parts 2O FP18-15BD-P2 Sump Pump Float Switch

The sump pump comes in a piggyback designed structure and is mostly used for an immediate replacement of a failed or non-working tethered switch of a current submersible sump pump you are using. One of the additional benefits of the sump pump float switch is that it not only replaces its kind of switch but a vertical switch as well. The vertical switches that are used in a basin and comes in a diameter of 14 inches.

best sump pump float switchOut of all the basic qualities, this sump pump switch is corrosion resistant as well. This float switch comes in a universal design that can replace almost any automatic switch, irrespective of the brand of the switch you were previously using. You get an additional water level controller that adjusts the position of the sump pump on its own for a longer period of time.


  • The piggyback design of the sump pump makes it easy to replace the switches
  • Utility pumps can smoothly be converted into automatic ones
  • The switch includes a standard tether strap and a mounting screw to be used in the sump pump
  • Comes with a cord of length of 10 inches
  • Sump is particularly designed for submersible drainers
  • Has a corrosion resistant property
  • Appropriate for attaching on a 115 V to 15-ampere pump
  • Specifically designed for repair and home improvement usage


  • Easy to attach and comes with an adjustable height design
  • Automatically turns on and off
  • Very easy to install
  • Sump pump is a very durable product, works great even after years of usage


  • Length of the cord is too small, might not be appropriate for every situation
  • The pump might get bogged down at times by the wire

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Superior Pump 92010 Vertical Float Switch

Vertical Float Switch from Superior Pump is made from highly durable plastic material and it is designed to function for a long time. It has a standard design that works almost with every sump pump and other submersible pumps. The switch showcases the mechanical excellence with a non-mercury pattern that is connected with a SJOW power code, which is 10 ft long and is water resistant too. The switch runs with a maximum speed at the 10amps power and it also includes clamp and mount bracket.

sump pump float switch reviews

The best part about the switch is, unlike other switches, one does not require to replace the switch even after long use. It requires almost zero-maintenance and it functions with a precision in activating the motor when water crosses the sump level in the basement.


  • Universal standard design works with all types of pumps
  • Fits well with sump pump as well as utility pumps
  • 140ºF liquid temperature
  • 1.5 lbs assembled product weight
  • It has non-mercury activated switch
  • The switch comes with mounting bracket and clamp
  • 10 ft. long water-resistant power cord and attached piggyback plug
  • 10 Amp power for maximum force and strength
  • Offers long lifespan due to water resistance feature and material
  • It does not let dirt accumulated on it and cleans automatically


  • One size fits all – fits in every kind of pump
  • Offers unmatched functioning precision
  • Consumes less power and pumps with quicker speed
  • Easy installation and less manual intervention required


  • Heavy flooding may break or damage the switch
  • Heavy assembly may obstruct the pump functioning
  • Accumulated dirt may put the switch out of order

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Basement Watchdog BWC1 Dual Float Sump Pump Switch with Controller

The basement watchdog dual float sump pump switch with controller comes with two large floats, both of them are enclosed in a protective enclosure or cage. This ensures that the debris and the other wires do not interfere with the floats. One of the float sump pumps activates automatically when the water level at your place rises by 1/4 level.

electronic sump pump switch

While the second one Stepney for the first one, in case the first one does not work while the water level rises, the second work takes its place. It completely drains the sump pit since it keeps on working for about 10 seconds of time even after the float completely drops to its original position. This property makes the maintenance of the water level easy.


  • The standard design makes the sump pump compatible to most of the floats
  • Automatically turns on when the water level rises above the ¼ level
  • The dual float sump pump serves additional benefits of protection, while the first one fails to work
  • The protection provided in the sump pump restricts any kind of float movement
  • The design of the dual float is curvy and vented to protect the debris when under the float
  • The packaging includes hose clamp and controller making the installation easier
  • The device comes with a two-year long manufacturing warranty


  • The sump pump has a long durability and can be used for 2 years
  • Comes with a long cord and hose clamp
  • Is corrosion resistant and has a dry crawl space as well


  • The application of the switch causes short cycle, which in a way reduces the life of the float sump pump
  • Takes a huge amount of space than the other sump pumps for installation

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LevelGuard Z24801A1Z Solid State Sump Pump Switch

LevelGuard is “The First Switch That Will Outlast the Pump”. LevelGaurd innovation is designed to prevent wrong actions. All you need is to plug the sensor unit in and placing the plug within the connector to complete the installation process and you will see the on-off cycle goes off in rhythm. The entire unit is designed with a piggyback connected with 15 ft long cord. It is manufactured to the perfection to minimize the activation from sloshing and provide the long pump life.

 how to fix sump pump float switch

This sump pump from LevelGuard is a master class solution for flooding for both; the homeowners as well as service providers. Such is the sturdy design it has that avoids sump pump failure in a crunch situation. It detects the flood situation precisely and is tested to function for over 3 million cycles. It is all the more standardization process before pumping.


  • Solid-state electronic design for non-sewage applications
  • Redundant upper limit sensors for “fail-safe” reliability
  • Highly resistant to contaminant and mineral build up
  • 15ft SJTO with 14 gauge cord with “piggy-back” plug
  • Offers 5 years of warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Rated for up to 1/2 horsepower sump pump applications
  • Tested to over 3 million cycles without failure
  • A ‘smart' sump calibration routine when unit first powers up
  • Compatible with most manual sump pumps
  • Requires less working space than mechanical float switches


  • UL listed Field-Effect technology
  • Automatic time-delay before turn-on
  • Protects against pump electrical failures
  • 6.7″ Fluid Level Control Range
  • Outperforms conventional float switches 7 to 1


  • Does not offer multifunctionality
  • It may start cycling rapidly
  • Takes 24 hours for switch to adjust

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HC6000 Hi-Lo Sump Pump Controller (Dual Float Switch)

This Hi-Lo pump controller is a universal switch, dual float, and works with all kinds of utility pumps and sump pumps. The HC6000 pump controller is packed with two switches which makes it adjustable and provides a complete control of where the pump turns on and off.

float switch for sump pump

If the pump is used with correct utility pump, it lets you set the turn-on level as low as 1/2 feet and turn off as low as 1/8 feet of water. When using it with sump pump, it allows adjusting the sensor to adjust the turn-off and turn-on levels in order to get the longest run time for the pump which saves power and offer a longer service life from the pumps.


  • It works well with all utility pump and sump pump
  • It has a precise control of turn off and turn on levels
  • Packed up with a wide control range of 1/2″ to 20′
  • It can be easily installed and fits well in crowded and small spaces
  • Sensors present in it doesn't get affected by debris and minerals in water; never need to clean it
  • It has a long lifetime warranty


  • This Hi-Lo sump pump controller is easy to install.
  • Providing a control to adjust turn on/off phase.
  • It is highly adjustable and goes well with utility pumps and sump pumps.


  • Not available at pocket-friendly prices
  • It is not waterproof
  • This Hi-Lo switch is heavier in weight
  • Can only be used indoor

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Zoeller 004892 Replacement Switch for 50 and 90 Series Pumps

This switch is the best solutions for all the water needs across the world. Whether you want it for residential waste or for municipal solutions, it is engineered in a way that will provide every possible help to get a task done. This replacement switch works great for 50 and 90 series pumps, and best suited for submersible pump 53,55,57,59,97 and 98 models.

sump pump vertical float switch


  • It is best suited for submersible pump 53,55,57,59,97 and 98 models.
  • The switch replacement is easy to do.


  • Easy to replace on 50 and 90 series pumps
  • Having a standard size, it goes well with all Zoeller pumps


  • It may give up when speedy pumping required
  • Floating switch material is not durable enough
  • Floating may be an issue at times

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This mechanical device may look genuinely small component in the entire system, however, the lives and property it has saved are countless. It significantly avoids the pump failure and effectively helps pump detect the water level to initiate the process of pumping. The floating switch has to absolutely function as it has to get activated automatically to start the motor, hence, its durability, as well as the accuracy, matter the most. Make sure to buy sump pump replacement switch according to your requirement and size of the pump. Amazon offers a wide range of float switches for Sump Pump that can be further incentivized with the great discount.

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