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What Is A Recirculating Pump

Recirculating Pump

Have you ever wondered why even with a hot water system, you still have to give cold water a few minutes for hot water to start flowing? That is because the hot water line that goes to the shower and faucets and ends there. But what is the trick that luxurious hotel bathrooms use that you always get instant hot water when you turn on the shower? Well, they use recirculation pumps, also known as hot water circulating pump.

What Is A Recirculating Pump?

A recirculating pump or heater circulation pump is a special pump that is installed in the hot water system to deliver nearly hot water when the tap is opened. Unlike the typical hot water system where the pipe supplies water from the heater to the tap or shower and end there, the recirculation pumps keep hot water circulating in a loop from the heater. Therefore, homes or hotels with this type of pump enjoy hot water throughout as long as the water heater is working.

How Does Recirculation Water Pump?

The working mechanism of the circulation pump system is pretty simple. The idea is to have an endless loop of hot water in the house. The circulation water pump is installed immediately after the water heater where it creates enough pressure for the water to go round the loop. That is how constant hot water supply is very high.

Types of Recirculation Pumps

The older system, which is the simplest, includes a small pump that runs continuously. However, these types of pumps are energy inefficient and cause a lot of wear and tear on the water heater. That’s why they are not recommended. There are two main types of circulation pumps that you can pick for your water heater. Both pumps provide high energy efficiency hence their popularity.

1) On-Demand Pumps

These types of circulation pumps operate when there is a demand for hot water. They are equipped with a motion sensor that triggers the hot water circulating pump ON when you open a tap. They are also equipped with temperature sensors so that when a certain temperature is reached, the pump will automatically go off. On-demand recirculation pump comes in various sizes depending on the side of the house.

2) Time and Temperature Circulation Pumps

As the name suggests, these pumps circulate hot water in a supply loop at a designated time. The pump system is equipped with an adjustable timer plus an aquastat that controls pumping cycles and water temperature respectively. Therefore, you will be saving a lot of money since the amount of energy needed to maintain a hot water supply is significantly reduced. That’s what makes these models one of the most energy-efficient pumps.

Benefits Of Hot Water Circulating Pump

One of the biggest advantages of using circulation pumps is instant hot water supply. You don’t have to wait for gallons of cold water to go down the drain to get hot water. In addition, you save on your water bills since there is no water wastage as it is with the typical water heater system.

Who Should Buy Recirculation Pump?

If you have a large home or a big hotel where hot water needs to travel long distances, then you need these pumps to add pressure to the water. That will improve hot water supply in your house. Secondly, if you have a tankless water heater, water temperature will never be constant because you don’t have hot water storage. With recirculation pumps, you can easily achieve constant water temperatures tankless water heater.


If you are planning to install a recirculation pump, consult an expert to help you pick a perfect pump that meets your needs. You should also go through various hot water recirculating pump reviews to learn about these pumps.




5 Ways to Change a Water Pump


The engine has five cooling system components. The hoses, the radiator cap, the thermostat, the radiator, and the water pump. However, the heart of this cooling system is the water pump.

The water pump ensures that the coolant keeps circulating throughout the engine. The water pump will operate only if the engine is running. The pump is driven by gear, chain, and belt. Most of these water pumps need changing on a regular basis. Very few will operate past 100,000 miles.

Your water pump will fail in two ways

  • Bearings will fail
  • There can be a leak

Most of these leaks develop near the gasket where it attaches to the engine. You should replace the pump as soon as you notice a leak. You can extend the water pumps life by having regular maintenance. Just as you keep your body healthy through diet and exercise, you should change the fluids and have regular inspections on your vehicle.

Below are some ways you can use to change the water pump

  1. Remove harmonic pulley, spark plugs, and valve cover
  • Remove the short bolts that hold the power steering. After getting rid of these bolts remove the valve cover.
  • Remove the smoke plug using a spark plug socket. You should be careful not to drop or break the spark plugs
  • Prevent trash, dirt, and screws from getting into the cylinders. They can cause damage to your engine.
  • Make the harmonic pulley loose
  • Reconnect your battery so that the starter motor can have a momentary bump
  • Check if the bolts are loosened up
  1. Align timing, timing marks, accessory belts
  • Loosen the bolts connecting the valve cover and the engine
  • Remove the valve cover so that you can access the timing belt. The top of the belt will sprocket
  • Ensure that the engine is off if you are using retaining bolts and cam timing sprockets. Do not turn the engine if you are using the timing belt
  • Align all the timing marks so that they line up straight across the cam sprockets
  • Block the wheels and work on the level ground using wooden pieces
  • Loosen the front wheels
  • Support your engine using a jack
  • Remove the harmonic pulley bolt and remove the pulley
  1. Removing the engine mount
  • The first step in removing the motor mount is unbolting these bolts
  • When you lift the heavy lump you will be able to remove the hidden bolts
  • Be careful as you remove the motor mount bracket. Ensure you do not damage the hoses and wiring
  • Start by removing the small engine mount brackets. It is made of heavy steel and you ought to be careful when you handle it.
  1. Install new tensioner, new timing belt, idler, and water pump
  • While removing the old timing belt, turn it counter-clockwise. Do it little by little so that you do not spoil the other parts
  • Remove the tensioner by loosening the belt in the middle
  • Remove the “idler” pulley from the timing belt
  • Loosen the bolts of the water pump though they are hard to reach
  • Clean the engine block thoroughly, to remove all material that might cause corrosion or rust
  • Put in the new water pump and follow all the instructions
  • Install the idler pulley and make sure you tighten the mounting bolt
  • Put in the timing belt
  • Remove the stopper block
  1. Reassemble
  • Assemble all the parts in reverse order you removed them and tighten all the bolts
  • Install the lower half cover and tighten the middle bolt
  • Place the crankshaft pulley in
  • Install the harmonic crank shaft pulley
  • Install the small engine mount bracket
  • Install all the spark plugs and the spark plug cables
  • Refill the radiator with the coolant
  • Reconnect the battery
  • Let it idle as you check that everything is ok

Things to consider before getting a water pump

  • Price

Your budget will be a major consideration when you want to buy a water pump. You have to buy something that you will be able to afford without going off budget.

  • Ease of installation

You should buy a water pump that you will be comfortable installing. You do not need the services of a mechanic to do the installation for you. By installing it yourself you will be able to save a lot of money.

  • Size/model of your car

The size of your car is a major determinant of what type of water pump you should acquire.

  • Durability

When you want to buy a water pump, go for something that will last a long time. At Plumbing Lab, we recommend you buy a water pump made of steel. A highly durable pump saves you money in the long run.

  • Compatibility

Seek the advice of your mechanic so that you can get something that will be compatible with your vehicle.

Other considerations

  • Mechanical

The mechanical water pump is the most common in today’s vehicles. Since it is used widely you can easily access it. It is powerful than the electric one.

  • Electric

It is fuel-efficient and will not affect your engines performance.

Clearly, if your water pump is making noise or leaking, then most likely it is approaching the end of its life. You should replace it as soon as possible. The survival of your car’s engine depends on the circulation of this coolant. It keeps it cool and temperatures at a controlled level. Not all the heat will be released via the exhaust and you will need the water pump operational.

Depending on your vehicle, this can be an easy job, which you can do for yourself. It can also be a hard job that requires the services of a professional. All in all as soon as you realize a problem with your pump make sure you repair or replace it.


How to Replace the Sump Pump Float Switch



The sump pump is a very efficient mechanical device with a fair bit of technology as well. It has several crucial components where the float switch is considered as the most important of all. A lot of things need to be considered regarding the quality, efficiency and ease of use of the float switch. If it is a manual one, then the location of the float switch must be ideal to access it with ease at the time of the need. The automatic float switches are the ideal ones as they are automatically activated at the time of need. It detects the inflow of the water in the crawlspace and the float switch responds in accordance to the needs of pumping out the water.

However, there could be many issues related to the sump pump float switch where it might malfunction or couldn’t work as per your expectation and needs of the job. If this is the situation, then the switch should be replaced with a new one. It is a simple Do It Yourself project, which you can do without any external help required. This guide will also tell you as how could you replace the float switch of your sump pump.

Replace the Sump Pump Float Switch

Replacing the sump pump float switch

A sump pump float switch needs to be replaced if it is not performing the job of the simple On/Off process. It might get damaged due to pebbles and debris in your sump pump pit or it may also be due to poor maintenance of the equipment. The following are the things required for accomplishing this task:

  • The replacement switch
  • Glue
  • Zip ties
  • Screw driver
  • Silicone Sealant
  • Concrete Sealant

The major steps required for replacing the switch

The following is a list of the major steps which you need to perform for replacing the float switch of your sump pump equipment:

  • Preparing the equipment for the replacement–The sump pump is prepared for the float switch replacement by draining out all the water which could be present in the sump pump basin. Once all the water has drained out, then you must disconnect the sump pump from the power source in order to remove the switch safely.
  • Removing the switch – If you are unable to locate the float switch, then the location can be determined easily by reading the product user manual. Once the location is determined, then just removes the malfunctioning float switch from the unit. This will make things ready for exposing the housing of the float switch.
  • Opening the float switch – The screwdriver should be used then for unscrewing all the connection of the float switch. The access to the float switch housing would expose the electrical switch inside it. Remove and replace the switch using the waterproof glue. Let it dry completely before you re-assemble the switch and also then replacing that into the pump.
  • Test after replacing – The switch should be inserted back into the pump. Test the switch if it is performing according to the requirement and expectations or not. If not, then you should be checking it thoroughly to sort out the issue quickly.

It’s a minor task, still needs to get fixed accurately and quickly. People mostly prefer to work this out on their own. But, it should also be considered as an important and crucial task. Because any fault while fixing the switch may affect the performance and overall working of you sump pump and may lead to bigger issue and hazards top the sump pump itself.