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How To Pick The Best RV Water Pump For Your RV


Have you been wondering how to pick the best RV water pump for your RV? Well, wonder no more. We here at Hiking Camping Guide website are willing to help.

We understand too well that an ordinary camping enthusiast like you may not possess the right skills to make the best possible decision. That is why we have dedicated this review to help you do the job well. We strongly urge you to also consider visiting our website to know more about hiking and camping gears reviews before buying them.

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Things to Consider Before purchasing The RV Water Pump

  • Power Consumption and Output

These water pumps consume some power to generate the rotational force that eventually pumps the water. The power consumption rating is designated in Volts (V). The power output, on the other hand, refers to the amount of force with which they pump out water. It is designated as Watts (W).

A good water pump has to consume as little power as possible and release or pump out water with as much force as possible. You should, therefore, settle for one that has as low Voltage and as high Wattage ratings as possible.

  • Pumping Capacity (Flow Rate)

This refers to the quantity of water that the said pump can handle at any given time. It is designated as Gallons per Minute (GPM). Your choice of the right pump on the basis of this consideration should mainly be informed by your water needs.

Choose a pump that has a higher flow rate in case you will require plenty of water and vice versa. You should also ensure that your tank is large enough to accommodate the extra volume of water.

  • Noise Emission Levels

Water pumps carry out the task of pumping water primarily by generating rotational force from their motors. This force is the one that ‘sucks’ water from the source and ‘pushes’ it to the tanks. In the course of doing so, the motors generate some noise. In case you intend to utilize your recreational vehicle in areas that are sensitive to noise such as public squares, pay keen attention to the pump’s noise emission levels. Choose a pump that is as quiet as possible.

  • Overall Dimensions

How long, wide, deep and heavy is the pump of interest? The best pump has to be able to fit in the limited space that is at your disposal. So you should first and foremost ascertain the space that is in existence at your disposal before you proceed to acquire that pump that fits that particular space.

best water pump for rv

Other than that, you should also determine how frequently and remotely you intend to utilize the pump. Settle for a lighter pump if you will have to manually carry the pump every quite often. This is to spare you from unnecessary hassles and drag.

  • Compatibility

Obviously, the water pump of choice has to be able to work together with the existing plumbing of your recreational vehicle without conflicts or inconsistencies. This is to prevent any leakages, damages, or unnecessary inconveniences. To take the guesswork out of your mind, you should only settle for that water pump that is recommended by the manufacturer of your recreational vehicle. This is because the specifications of those pumps are more likely to blend well with the technical specifications of your recreational vehicle.


Of course, the factors to consider we have outlined above are not all that you should possibly think of. There are indeed several other factors which we inevitably had to leave out due to the limited time and space at our disposal. We, therefore, urge you to consider carrying out further research in order to familiarize yourself with all of them. In all, a water pump for a recreational vehicle is a very worthy possession. If you are a camping enthusiast or the lover of outdoors, you clearly have no choice but to incorporate it into a standard part of your armory. Use the tips above on how to pick the best RV water pump for your RV to go about the issue.