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Best Aquarium Sump Pump Reviews

Do you own an aquarium and are looking for ways to maintain a healthy thriving aquatic environment for your fishes and underwater plants? If so, then you would need to invest in a good water pump.


However, there are a few things you need to know about aquarium sump pumps. A sump is known as a container for collecting water from a plumbed technique. Pipes and tubes may come out of the tank for carrying water to other equipment or filters. In this situation, you require a place for the collection of the water. This place for collecting the water is known as the sump.

While selecting the size and type of a water pump, a number of factors are there to consider. Let us have a look at them:

  • The preferred rate of flow –

Do the fishes, creatures, and plants need an enhanced flow rate? It is recommended to research for the needs of the flow rate according to the type of the aquarium you have planned for

  • Type of filtration–

What kind of filter is suitable for the type of aquarium you are planning to buy? The type of filter denotes the particular water pump that is needed

  • Plumbing –

Which type of plumbing is needed? Where will be filtration equipment positioned? It may be installed underneath the aquarium or in another place. You may check the total distance that the pump needs to move the water of the aquarium.

Best Selling Aquarium Sump Pump Comparison Chart

  • Hagen Fluval Sea Sump Pump
  • Powerful flow rates and head delivery
  • Low heat transfer to energy consumption
  • 120V/60 Hz/135W/Up to 3434 GPH
  • Includes barbed hose fittings
  • Aqueon 34500 ProFlex Sump
  • Can be set up as a refugium, berlin or wet/dry filtration system
  • Aesthetically appealing, clean-line design
  • Quiet filtration
  • Easy sump modifications for a custom set up
  • Jecod/Jebao DCT Marine Controllable Water Pump
  • Power: 68-watt, Max flow: 2113GPH; Max-head: 14.8 ft
  • 10 Speed Mode controller for T Series
  • No Copper components , safety on your tank!
  • High performance motor with innovation electronics

Reviews of Top 3 Aquarium Sump Pumps


Hagen Fluval Sea Sump Pump for Aquarium

Fluval sea sump pump provides exceptional performance to ensure an exceptional flow of water for the aquatic systems that are equipped with sump. This is an energy-saving, first-rate, and magnetically controlled pump. It can be plumbed inside or outside the sump. It is quite hardy and already certified for underwater use. This hardy pump includes an impeller to prevent wear and tear.  Let us know a number of key features of the instrument:

best aquarium sump pump

  • Transfer of reduced heat for the consumption of the energy
  • Flow rates and delivery to the height of the head are strong
  • Barbed hose fittings are added to the device
  • The design includes threaded fittings
  • It is appropriate for dry or submersible use
  • The equipment performs its operation gently
  • It can function at a cool temperature while operating externally or internally
  • Bearings and water resistant impeller shafts are included in the device
  • The appliance is compatible for the electrical use at underwater
  • Metal equipment is hidden inside the equipment

A number of reputed suppliers are there to provide this equipment. You may look for sea sump pump stores at your locality. It is also effective to buy this product online. Sometimes manufacturers and suppliers provide attractive offers and discounts on the equipment. By searching a bit, you will come to know about those fabulous offers and discounts on these products.

Availing those offers or discounts, it is possible to save a lot of your hard-earned money while buying Hagen Fluval Sea sump pump for the aquarium. Buy the Hagen Fluval Sea sump pump for aquarium device and keep the fishes and plants more enjoyable in the aquarium.

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Aqueon 34500 ProFlex Sump Model 1, 44-55-Gallon

ProFlex models are made with the exceptionally durable stuff. Every unit has enough flexibility to accommodate three completely diverse setups such as wet/dry, refugium and Berlin. Let us have a brief discussion on each setup:

sump pump for saltwater aquarium

  • Wet/dry–

BioMedia equipment is used to convert the ProFlex into a conventional dry or wet trickle filter. It can be used for saltwater or freshwater applications to offer sophisticated filtration for the fishes

  • Refugium–

A refugium light can be added to make good surroundings into the aquarium. A number of algae or plants absorb excess nutrients that may prevent the development of the fishes in the aquarium

  • Berlin–

This is ideal for reef applications where a certain protein skimmer is used. Extendable sump chambers are there to accommodate a big protein skimmer and a fixed level of the water

ProFlex models are visually appealing and include the attractive designs. A lifetime warranty is provided along with the device against any kind of leak. Once water is entered into the equipment, it flows towards the bubble diffuser compartment. At this area, bubbles are debarred to reduce the noise. Afterward, the water is flown inside the two 200-micron filter to eliminate the large substances.

You may want to make sure the safety of the fishes and plants into the aquarium. It is recommended to buy the aqueon 34500 ProFlex sump model to increase the longevity of the living things into the aquarium. You may search for the renowned manufacturers who make and supply this device to cater your needs.

What you will need to do is some online research. This way, you will come to know about the important contact information of the well-known manufacturers and suppliers. You may talk to your local dealers or shops to know more about the specifications of the appliance.

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Jecod/Jebao DCT Marine Controllable Water Pump

The Jebao DCT marine controllable water pump is the latest version which is included in the DC series. It is calmer and operates with reduced power compared to its counterparts. An incredible flow is delivered by this device. This is included with excellent features that have made this remarkably appropriate for the horizontal distances.

aquarium sump pump reviews

More reduced flow after extreme heads ensures its suitability for the aquatic lives. Flows will not be lost in the usual sump under the tank. This has made the pump fruitful for the people who want to use this in the basement. The price is cheaper compared to other pumps. This way, it has become more cost-saving water pump for the aquarium.

Installation Procedure of the Appliance

It is easy to set up the Jecod/Jebao DCT Marine Controllable Water Pump.

  • The pump is completely assembled and you require connecting the hosing
  • The multi-size connector is there with this pump, for example, ¾”, 1″ and ½”. It is recommended to use 1″ for the steady flow whereas smaller can make unnecessary pressure
  • You may use ¾” PVC pipes in order to make the corners steadier
  • It is possible to submerge the pump or clip with a second hose and operate tremendously
  • If you want to eliminate the noise completely, it is recommended to submerge the pump completely

For running the device externally, you require filling the tube fully with water. It can be done by another pump or making a suction on the hose. It takes the time to start this device. This way it does not deliver any kind of problems to the fishes in the aquarium. It is never an issue until this device will show you how useful a slow start can. This is necessary to learn how to disassemble the device. By performing this, it will be useful for cleaning the device that can enhance the lifetime of the equipment.

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How to Choose the Right Aquarium Sump Pump?

By choosing the right water pump for your aquarium, you will have a flow rate that helps inline filtration techniques to function at the best. This way, your aquarium will remain clean for a longer period and offers healthier surroundings for the inhabitants of the aquarium. A water pump should be strong enough to move the complete water of the aquarium at least five times per hour. Before choosing a pump, it is recommended to:

  • Calculate the necessary rate of flow of the aquarium
  • You may perform this task by multiplying the total water capacity (gallons) of the aquarium by five. This is the minimal rate of flow
  • It is suggested to search for a device that includes a Gph (Gallons per hour) rating under this range. Gph rating listed on the pumps can be the maximum rate of flow in the best condition or with 0 feet of head height
  • Flow rate reduces in every vertical foot. Most aquariums are three to four feet from the floor
  • A water pump with the minimum rate of flow can make issues. So it is recommended to select a larger sized pump

A big sized pump can deal with the natural decrease in flow rate. It may be caused by elbows, head height, and sharp turns. A bigger pump with an enhanced rate of flow can be compatible with ball valves. It is not possible for a smaller sized pump to create more flow than what is made for.

If you want to get the overview of the performance of the pump, it is necessary to search for the listed pump for Gph rating. You may visit the flow rate chart of the pump provided by the manufacturer. This way you will get a better insight into the function of the device under the several head height situations.

A Number of Pumps for Diverse Usages

Let us have a look at the different types of pumps:

  • High Head or High-Pressure Pumps –

It includes filter modules, pressurized inline filters and enlarges filtration techniques. These are needed for a pump to move the water without reducing the flow rate. You may choose high head or high-pressure pumps since this equipment are importantly made for this purpose

  • General Purpose Pumps –

These kinds of pumps are crafted for the application that requires low pressure and minimal resistance. You may use these pumps as a return appliance for dry or wet filters or for the basic technique of filtration

Choosing the appropriate pump with the right flow rate can make the big impact on the health and pleasure of the inhabitants of your aquarium. Renowned suppliers and manufacturers are there to provide you the right kind of pumps that can help you in this regard. It is recommended to search for the type of the pump and the flow rate to make your hobby much more enjoyable.

If you have calculated the target flow rate depending on the head height and desired rate of turnover, you will obtain the appropriate pump. This way, you will get effective guidance to calculate the flow rate on certain head height. You may search for the renowned manufacturers and suppliers to get high-quality pumps that will help the inhabitants of your aquarium. Reputed pump manufacturer organizations have experts who can guide you in this regard.

Depending on your situation, needs and preference they will guide you to buy such pump that can be suitable for your purpose. You may talk to pump dealers, store owners in your locality and your friends to know more about the specification. This way, it can guide you to buy the appropriate tool to cater your needs. So buy the appropriate pump for the delight and longer life of your aquarium inhabitants.

Wrapping up-

It is always advisable to have a thorough research before you buy anything. This may seem to waste your time, but later no doubt you would be benefitted.

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