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Are you looking for the Best Rated Well Pressure Tank? Throughout the day when you need a lot of water for meeting diverse household activities, it often happens that your faucet runs out of adequate supply and you are left annoyed. A well water tank, in this respect, takes a specific amount of water and yet gives out gallons of it that can be accessed throughout the day. These tanks are not only reasonably priced but are quite energy-efficient that altogether saves your money and electricity bills as well. In comparison to typical water tanks, these pressure tanks are also quite easy to install and take minimal space as well. Homeowners can, therefore get a well water tank and enjoy constant access to clean and non-contaminated water.

Top 5 Best Selling Well Pressure Tank Comparison Chart

No.ImageNameTypeCapacityDimensionsWeightWhere to buy
1WaterWorker HT-20BVertical20-Gallon15 x 15 x 32 inches27 poundsCheck Price
2Amtrol WX-250Vertical44 Gallon22 x 36 x 22 inches65.5 poundsCheck Price
3WaterWorker HT20HBHorizontal20-Gallon16.3 x 30.5 x 17.3 inches28.4 poundsCheck Price
4Flotec FP7110TVertical19-Gallon15 x 14 x 9 inches38.1 poundsCheck Price
5WaterWorker HT-14HBHorizontal14-Gallon22.5 x 15.4 x 16 inches22 poundsCheck Price


Best 7 Well Water Pressure Tank Reviews


WaterWorker HT-20B Vertical Pressure Well Tank

On installing a water tank, don’t you feel good when you find you have saved almost 50% of the space that was earlier taken up by a conventional tank? WaterWorker HT-20B is one such well pressure tank that now comes with a compact size along with a 20-gallon capacity. Strong and sturdy, its outer shell comprises the air container while the inner has the polypropylene liner and a butyl diaphragm. This leads to the separation of air from water and hence stops the growth of bacteria. Easy on the pocket, this energy-saving water tank is any-day a smart choice for any homeowner.

best well pressure tank

Features and Specifications:

  • Constructed out of steel for more durability and strong support for years to come
  • Polypropylene liner and a butyl diaphragm result in constant access to water
  • Holds a capacity of 20 gallons of water that is similar to holding 42 gallons of water in a galvanized tank
  • Due to Polypropylene liner,the water is segregated from the steel shell for sustaining water taste and odor
  • Holds a maximum working pressure of 100 psi for residential purposes
  • Comes with a built-in heavy-duty diaphragm
  • Paint system is fully weather-resistant and does not corrode even in damp environments


  • Very easy to install and takes no space for being compact in size
  • Supports a high-gloss enamel finish that makes it safer
  • Works best for all purposes, including residential and commercial
  • Gives constant access to clean water due to its Polypropylene liner


  • Unit often turns water-logged for leakage
  • Longevity is not so good as it starts failing after a few years of operation

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Amtrol WX-250 Well-X-Trol Stand Well Water Tank

If constant access to water has been a dream for you or something that can be possible beyond your budget, Amtrol WX-250 will now falsify all these myths. One of the reasons why homeowners would love to go about its durable construction for having its shell made of premium quality steel. No matter how aggressive the water flow is, its steel body will easily withstand it. With a built-in butyl diaphragm, this amtrol well x trol pressure tank has a corrosion-free inner liner. It capacitates 44 gallons of water while its highest working pressure is 125 PSIG. Installing it is easy and you also don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

well pressure tank reviews

Features and Specifications:

  • The antimicrobial liner protection helps in killing almost 99% of bacteria
  • Protects it from accumulating sediments owing to its water-jet scrubbing
  • Equipped with welded air valve that fixes leak paths
  • Has high-strength steel make for more strength and durability while its multi-dome construction allows for internal bracing
  • With a groove seal and hoop ring, its diaphragm, shell, and liner are protected
  • For its unique welding process,the interior will have no rough spots or sharp edges
  • Its highest working pressure is 125 PSIG and provides 44 gallons of water


  • Takes no space and time to install
  • Holds 44 gallons of water that meets diverse water supply needs
  • The tank is pressure tested to ensure more safety
  • Completely bacterial free for its antimicrobial liner protection
  • Quite sturdy and durable


  • Base of the tank often gets damaged with time
  • Tank often leaks that makes it water-logged
  • Dents often found on the bottom ring

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WaterWorker HT20HB Horizontal Pressure Well Tank

Have you ever thought of replacing your typical water tank with a pre-charged one? The WaterWorker HT20HB comes with a similar promise of keeping its air charge sustained to provide sufficient quantity of water whenever required. By using a thick diaphragm, it gets the water separated from the pre-charged air, thereby reducing air loss. Owing to its steel shell, the tank gets enough support to hold the water weight. Moreover, the water stored is kept away from any sort of odor due to its polypropylene liner. So, if you have always thought of a replacement, go for this 20-gallon capacity well pressure tank.

best well pressure tank reviews

Features and Specifications:

  • Tank has a horizontal design that makes it easier to install by taking less space
  • Designed so as to keep up the air charge for years to come
  • Equipped with polypropylene inner that protects the water from acquiring odor
  • Comprises a thick diaphragm that separates the water from air, thereby reducing loss of air
  • Holds a total volume of 20 gallons of water and is pre-charged to 25 PSI
  • The external shell is made of steel that makes it hold the weight of water with ease
  • Saves energy and water considerably


  • Can capacitate up to 20 gallons of water
  • Saves both water and energy at the same time
  • Outer shell made out of steel that handles aggressive water easily
  • Has a polypropylene liner that helps to keep the water odorless and maintains taste as well


  • The motor mount on the top often receives dents while getting shipped
  • Tank often runs rusty water
  • Installation issues often crop up

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Flotec FP7110T 19-Gallon Pre-Charged Water Tank

As the saying goes, big things come in small packages, and this perfectly stands true for Flotec FP7110T. This modern-day appliance sports a heavy-gauge steel construction and holds a capacity of 19 gallons in total. With a diameter of 16 inches and height of 28 inches, it is so compact in size that it will hardly take space to get installed. Equivalent to a 42-gallon tank, Flotec FP7110T weighs only 50 pounds and is quite easy to install involving no complications. It is no doubt a super affordable water tank that will offer lifelong service to its users with hardly any glitches.

how does a well pressure tank work

Features and Specifications:

  • Carved out of solid steel that makes it quite durable and reliable
  • Has a total capacity of 19 gallons of water that stands equivalent to a 42-gallon tank
  • Installation procedure is not time-consuming and the tank takes very little space to set up
  • The water flowing out of the tank does not come into contact with other metal parts
  • Separates the air from water for producing completely odorless and clear water
  • Weighs 50 pounds that makes it quite light in weight
  • Quite pocket-friendly that makes it affordable for homeowners


  • Quite compact in size and light in weight that makes it easier to carry
  • Comes with a capacity of 19 gallons of water that is good enough to meet multiple purposes
  • Quite affordable in comparison to typical water tanks


  • The female tank resting at the bottom of the tank often leaks
  • No pump mount included that causes inconvenience during installation

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WaterWorker HT-32B Vertical Pressure Well Tank

The 21st-century water tank manufacturers are coming up with such models that are not only energy-efficient but having a rock-solid steel construction for unmatched durability. The WaterWorker HT-32B comes with such promising features that make it an ideal option for today’s homeowners. With its shell made of steel, the tank supports the water pressure perfectly to make sure that water is not made to rest in lose rubber bags that can later fold and wear with time. Capacitating 32 gallons of water, WaterWorker HT-32B is just too good to meet a wide range of household purposes. So, you can invest in it with no second thought.

how to install a well pressure tank

Features and Specifications:

  • Holds the capacity to withstand high water pressure owing to its polypropylene liner
  • The thick diaphragm ensures that the water is separated from air to ensure that there is no bad taste or odor
  • The waterway lining is made of stainless steel that eliminates its chances of cracking or stripping off
  • For having a molded diaphragm, it takes a compact size and hence fits quite effortlessly
  • Being NSF certified, it is absolutely safe and reliable to use
  • Total volume to hold water is 32 gallons that stand similar to 82 gallons of a plain water tank


  • High on strength and durability for being made of good quality steel
  • Outer shell is strong enough to withstand aggressive water pressure
  • Holds a capacity of 32 gallons of water that easily meets multiple household jobs
  • Takes no time to install


  • High possibility of dents during the shipping procedure
  • The bottom base of the tank gradually damages with time

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WaterWorker HT-14HB Horizontal Pressure Well Tank

Imagine a water tank undergoing a minimal operation and yet producing high productivity along side energy saving. WaterWorker HT-14HB is the name of that super-power horizontal pressure tank that comes equipped with a butyl diaphragm for maximum durability. This 14-gallon capacity water tank, moreover, has a polypropylene liner that will not crack or chip, thereby producing odorless and clear water for use. Its maximum working capacity is 50 PSI that is good enough to provide water in good quantity. What makes it high on durability is its outer shell that is made of pure quality steel. In other words, if you want to see your investments going worth every penny, just get this horizontal well water pressure tank.

how to change a well pressure tank

Features and Specifications:

  • Comes equipped with a heavy-duty diaphragm that results in its extended lifespan
  • Has a paint system which is completely weather-resistant and works fine in damp environments
  • Its locking ring makes the diaphragm more airtight that strengthens its service in the long-run
  • For more support, it comes with a foot-base made of premium quality steel
  • Extremely hardy outer shell that is made of steel for more strength
  • Its polypropylene liner allows for fresh and clean drinking water
  • Holds a total of 14 gallons of water which is similar to a 30-gallon galvanized tank


  • Manufactured with a butyl diaphragm that makes it more durable
  • Its polypropylene liner will not allow the water and air to come into contact
  • Possesses a high working capacity of 50 PSI
  • Waterway lining made of quality stainless steel


  • The bottom base of the tank is not strong enough to survive
  • Tanks are of average quality that raises a question on quality

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Amtrol WX-203 Well-X-Trol Stand Well Water Tank

When it comes to investing in a water tank, the factors that bother your attention are safety, convenience, and durability. Amtrol WX-203 meets all these factors as they have a super strong shell made of steel as well as a polypropylene inner for keeping taste and flow of water good and consistent. What makes it safer is its hoop ring that protects the diaphragm, making it more reliable for smooth operation in the coming years. Having a maximum working pressure of 125 PSIG and capacity of 32 gallons, this world-class pressure tank from Amtrol is just amazing in terms of performance. All homeowners would love considering for home as it weighs less and takes no time to install.

well x trol pressure tank

Features and Specifications:

  • Tank has an inner liner made of polypropylene that doubles its strength and durability
  • Comes with a butyl diaphragm made of rubber which is thick enough to stop accumulating bacteria
  • Seamless construction with a heavy-duty diaphragm for more flexibility and support
  • Controls aggressive water with ease owing to its steel connection
  • An air valve comes permanently attached that eliminates stress on the pump system
  • The design of the diaphragm is such that it will never collapse unlike other bladders
  • Diaphragm stays completely secured by the hoop ring so that the tank can work properly in the long-run


  • Comes equipped with a hoop ring that completely safeguards the diaphragm
  • Supports a capacity of 32 gallons of water at a working pressure of 125 PSIG
  • Quite light in weight and requires minimal space and time for the installation


  • Dents often found inside the package after shipping
  • The base of the tank is prone to damage and therefore not reliable

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Things to Consider While Buying the Best Well Pressure Tank

When it comes to buying a new appliance for the first time, what one needs to prioritize is knowing the most important things it can do for you. To be more precise, you need to know what features it usually has, how does it overall perform, what benefits do the user mostly gets, and so on. Unless you are aware of these things, you will either be misguided or end up choosing the wrong product for lack of knowledge.

So, if it’s a well pressure tank and you are going to pick the best out of the rest, here are a few pointers that will certainly help you. Take a look:

  • Tank capacity –

Whichever type of tank you are willing to choose, you always have this question in mind as to how much water the tank can weigh. Now, it also depends on you how much size you can make for setting up the tank. Needless to say, large tanks take more space while the smaller ones hardly require any. Just remember, if the need for water is huge, you must aim for a larger tank than a smaller one. Small tanks will meet the basic water needs.

  • Installation Flexibility –

A wise thing to inspect first whether a pressure tank would fit in your home is checking its design. Depending on the design, you will have an idea how easily you would be able to set up the tank. You know how much space you have and accordingly, you will be able to decide whether installing the tank at your place will be a wise decision or not.

  • Sturdiness –

When you are investing on measures related to water, you need to aware of how sturdy the appliance is. Technically, you need to check that the liner does not have a crack or chip in the long-run. Furthermore, the material should be so that it must not affect the water and its taste in any way.

  • Brand Value –

Brands of course matter, especially when it comes to choosing a best pressure tank for well. Today, one of the best ways to check the brand value is going through the websites and going through the user reviews. So, whichever brand you have chosen for your tank, make sure that it has a reputation in the market, or otherwise, it is better not to go with the local ones.

  • Electrical Support –

Although well pressure tanks do not go through electrical complications, it’s always better to check the voltage support and other requirements that will help you install it correctly.  For assistance, you can always talk to a professional electrician who will guide you in this respect.

  • User Manual –

In today’s digital world, it is no doubt easier to watch a video for any task. But a user manual within reach will always help you guide better and faster. So, make sure that the product is having a user manual with it.


Benefits of Best Pressure Tanks for Water Wells

Technology has showered its true colors on thousands of homeowners by means of unlimited modernized appliances. One of them is the well pressure tank that has been designed to make the well system more efficient and simultaneously eliminate wear and tear of a water pump. These new-age appliances come with built-in diaphragm and bladder that make it easier for one to have constant access to water without depending on the pump. Well, if you intend to install one such brilliant water system at home, you must have a fair idea about the benefits of a water pressure tank.

Here are a few reasons why a water pressure tank is beneficial to install:

  • Unlimited access to water –

A big advantage of a water pressure tank is that it does not depend on its long-drawn running time that makes it provide water all the time. These water tanks are run on high-tech mechanisms that also cut off the chances of causing any damage to the water pump. With a minimal run-time, it gives enough water for one to meet one’s purpose.

  • No wastage of water –

Nothing can beat the convenience of knowing the amount of water you are going to use beforehand. A well pressure tank will let you know the right amount of water it will be storing. So, you will not have water getting wasted.

  • Inexpensive and saves energy–

Well pressure tanks are usually quite reasonable in comparison to the typical ones. Furthermore, these do not consume much energy, thereby saving you from paying high utility bills every month. In other words, you save both money and electricity with a good well pressure tank.


Now that you have known everything about a well water tank, you are just left with the job of buying it. Just make sure that you have sound knowledge of every feature it has so that it does not become difficult for you to operate it. If you have good space, you will be benefitted by setting up a tank of a larger size. Well, whichever tank you are planning to install, it should meet your daily needs and make you a satisfied user. So, know your domestic water system, check the size and capacity of the new tank, watch your budget and bring home the ultimate well water tank for an ultimate experience.



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