How Important Is it to Have a Good Installer When Buying a Heat Pump System?


Heat pump installation is a very important to the performance and efficiency of a heat pump HVAC system. Only when the heat pump is properly installed will it run at peak efficiency and give you the durability it should. Here is a look at why proper heat pump installation is so important.

Charging a Heat Pump with Refrigerant

A heat pump system relies on having the proper refrigerant charge or level. Handling heat pump refrigerant, known as R-410A, requires a license and certification. So, heat pump installation is not a DIY Home Renovation project for most of us. The right tools and gauges must be used to do the job correctly.

Heat Pump Installer

Getting the charge right is essential to the performance of the system. A heat pump that is undercharged will heat and cool inadequately. It won’t be able to carry as much heat as it should from one place to another – from inside to outside when cooling and the opposite when heating. Your home will be too hot or too cool, and the heat pump will work overtime to try to catch up. The result, besides an uncomfortable home will be mechanical failure, more repair bills and shorter longevity for the heat pump.

In addition, if the installer does not have expertise, the refrigerant lines might not be attached properly, and that often leads to leaks of refrigerant. When enough refrigerant leaks out, the unit won’t heat or cool at all. So, you can see that handling the refrigerant properly is vitally important to your heat pump working right.

Fine Tuning the Heat Pump System

A heat pump works in conjunction with the air handler (or gas furnace in a dual fuel system) to make your home comfortable. The functioning of the heat pump must be coordinated with the blower motor, especially if you choose a 2-stage or modular heat pump and a variable-speed air handler. When the system is properly tuned, it eliminates blasts of untreated air at the beginning of the cycle. It prevents the system from overheating or over-cooling your home, producing temperature swings. Fine tuning a heat pump system takes training, skill and experience.

Don’t Forget Heat Pump Installation Safety

When a system isn’t wired properly, faulty wiring can be a fire hazard. That is reason enough to hire a qualified contractor with good experience to install your heat pump system!

Finding a Competent Heat Pump Installer

It is important to get multiple written estimates for your new heat pump system. This will allow you to find the lowest prices, but it will also give you a chance to interview contractors and find the one with the best skill and experience. When you choose a proven installer and he does the job correctly, your heat pump will run as efficiently as it should for as long as it should and as safely as it should, making your home as comfortable as it should. That’s important!



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