Beacon PROACT 200 Sump Pump Test and Monitoring System Reviews

Beacon PROACT 200

If your house is suffering from the ground water flooding, then you must have to install a sump pump device that used to help to protect your house from the water flooding. It basically pumps the water from underground of your house that may be flooded due to the torrential rains. One of the most compelling features of the sump pump is the monitoring system. This monitoring system assists us to keep an eye on the device that it works correctly or not?

Beacon PROACT 200

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Let’s get detailed information about the Beacon PROACT sump pump monitoring system:

This amazing sump pump monitoring device is utilized to analyze the functionality of the sump pump by delivering the fresh and clean water into the sump pit. Moreover, its alarming feature installed to notify the failure of the electrical or mechanical sump pump power, high water levels, and other water interruptions.

Here are the significant functions of this product:

  • This sump pump monitoring system holds wireless and wired environment sensors that help to monitors your home all the time.
  • It contributes to prevent water flood from the house and other buildings.
  • It keeps your house including kitchen, basement, bathroom and laundry safe from massive water leakage.
  • It monitors the dampness and another flooding from your building
  • It saves your plenty of money that you may need to invest in the repair of your house due to the water flooding.
  • This monitoring system works 24/7 for your home security, so you will get a peace of mind that your home is secure for flooding and other hassles.

These above-mentioned functions of this sump pump monitoring system make it able to provide dry and fresh basement of your house. Sump pump monitoring system comes with the enormous benefits that every homeowner should have to experience it.

Now, let’s check out the features that include in this Beacon-PROACT-Sump-Monitoring system:

  • Beacon-PROACT-Sump pump monitoring system helps to supervise the battery sump pump for 24/7
  • This amazing device starts working to test installed sump pump after every week that never allows the sump pump to stop working.
  • It also comes along with the Wi-Fi connectivity that used to provide text and email to keep updated with the sump pump device.
  • This system responsible for delivering high water level, AC failure, and other low ambient temperature

Several people prefer to install this device without any assistance of the expert, but we strongly recommend you not even to try to install it if you are not familiar with its installation process. You should call an expert for its installation because safety is more important than money. Isn’t?

Before considering this device, let’s come to know the pros and cons of this device:


  • Keep you updated with the sump pump conditions
  • Easy to use and install, but get expert supervision for its installation
  • Appealing design with great features
  • Affordable price


  • It requires maintenance for long life performance.
  • It may come with the limited warranty


If you want a trustworthy device that can meet your all sump pump requirements, then this device is a perfect option for you. This device made with the excellent features that never allow it to get damage soon. Also, it is very safe for your house and never releases harmful fumes that are the plus point of this sump pump monitoring system. It provides you a peace of mind that your house is safe from the water floods and that may be a big thing for you.

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