Best Sump Pump For Basements

Water is one of the leading causes of damage in homes. This component can spread contaminants such as mold, it can damage your paint, wood, and all sorts! 

Some may not even notice they have water damage until it’s too late, especially if you have a dark, dingy basement that goes months without being checked on. 

One solution to this problem is to install a sump pump. This is a device that is installed in a pit beneath your basement and works to flush out any water that accumulates in your home.

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These devices usually have a float attached to them. As the water level rises, the float rises, and once it reaches past a certain level.

The float will activate the pump, and it will switch on and begin to flush out the water that accumulated, transferring it away from your home through certain drain pipes. 

If this sounds like something you need in your home, keep reading, because we’re going to be giving you a list of some of the best sump pumps you can install in your basement!


Best Sump Pump For Basements


Zoeller 57-0001 M57 Basement High Capacity Sump Pump

Zoeller 57-0001 M57 Basement High Capacity Sump Pump, 1 Pack, Stainless Steel

This submersible sump pump is a great option for your basement. It’s coated with an epoxy finish to prevent corrosion, and provides wonderful heat dissipation from the motor, ensuring it will last you years!

It has also been 100% pressure-tested and is able to pass solids through its system, so you won’t need to worry about any blockages or clogs.

Zoeller prides itself on paying attention to detail on each of its sump pumps, to ensure its customers are receiving the best quality products.

One of the things that makes this pump incredibly reliable is its durability.


  • Durable – Epoxy finish makes it resistant to corrosion and prevents heat from building up in the motor.
  • Reduced clogs – Able to pass solids through its system.
  • Quiet – The motor makes a limited amount of noise.


  • Heavy – This option is heavy, so installing and uninstalling must be done by a professional.

Also available at Lowes.

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Superior Pump 91250 – Submersible Thermoplastic Utility Pump

Superior Pump 91250 1800GPH Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump with 10-Foot Cord, 1/4 HP

If you’re looking for a compact and lightweight option, then look no further than this submersible sump pump. Weighing only 6.8 pounds, this device is perfect for those with slightly smaller homes.

The double-sealed thermoplastic design is durable and resistant to corrosion. It is also what makes this sump pump so light. It also features a bottom suction design that filters debris.

This machine can pump 30 gallons of water per minute, and is a versatile option that can be attached to a garden hose, or can be used as a submersible sump pump.


  • Versatile – Can be used in basements, or on pools, etc. due to the garden hose application.
  • Lightweight – Thermoplastic makes it a lightweight option.
  • Durable – Double-sealed design makes it resistant to corrosion.


  • Not suitable for all homes – Small design makes it suitable for smaller homes.

Also available at SumpPumpsDirect.

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Wayne 58321 CDU980E

Wayne 58321-WYN3 CDU980E 3/4 HP Submersible Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Sump Pump with Integrated Vertical Float Switch, Large, Silver

Of course, we need to include Amazon’s choice on this list. This sump pump by Wayne is able to pump up to 5,490 gallons per hour, which is enough to keep your basement free from floods!

Featuring a top suction design, this reduces any blockages or clogs from the bottom of the sump pit.

This sump pump has a vertical float switch that has been tested through 1 million cycles, so you can be assured of the efficiency that this model will provide you with.

This is a very hard-working sump pump that produces minimal sound, so you won’t have to worry about causing a racket around your neighborhood!


  • Easy installation – Can be installed in 15 minutes
  • Durable – Corrosion-resistant components and cast-iron volute.
  • Good water flow – Ability to pump 5,490 gph.


  • Not as versatile – Only suitable for indoor use.

Also available at HomeDepot.

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The Basement Watchdog Combo Model CITE-33 HP

THE BASEMENT WATCHDOG Combo Model CITE-33 1/3 HP Primary and Battery Backup Sump Pump System with 24 Hour a Day Monitoring Controller

All sump pumps run on electricity unless they are water-pressure powered. This may have you wondering what on earth will happen if a bad storm cuts off your power supply? This is when a combination model comes in handy.

This sump pump includes a backup battery-operated sump pump that will run in case an emergency cuts off your power, so you can have full peace of mind that your home won’t encounter any water damage.

The primary pump has the ability to pump 3,100 gallons per hour, and the backup system can pump 1000 gallons per hour. There are also float switches on both the primary and backup systems, giving you more protection.


  • Easy to install – Product only needs one pipe connection to install as it comes pre-assembled.
  • Extra protection – Primary and backup battery-powered sump pump included with this product.
  • Good water flow – Both primary and backup pumps have the ability to pump a lot of water.


  • Heavy – The product weighs around 27 pounds, which is heavier than some other items on this list.

Also available at SumpPumpsDirect.

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Lanchez 1.6 HP Submersible

Lanchez 1.6 HP Submersible Sump Pump 4858GPH Clean & Dirty Water Transfer Pump with Float Switch for Pool Garden Cellar Pond

If you’d like an effective sump pump that is going to give you great value for money, then this option by Lanchez may be the one for you.

It has a flow rate of 4858 gallons per hour and is made with a thermoplastic body that is able to resist corrosion, providing you with longevity.

The water pump on this machine can also be connected to a hose, making it a versatile option that you can use to remove water from several environments, from your basement to your swimming pool!

Furthermore, the motor on this sump pump comes fully prepared with a thermal overload protector that resets if it is getting too hot and will restart once it has cooled.


  • Durable – Comes equipped with a thermoplastic body that resists corrosion.
  • Versatile -Able to connect to a hose for different uses.


  • Compact size – May be best for smaller areas.

Also available at SumpPumpsDirect.

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Red Lion 14942746

Red Lion RL-SC50T 115-Volt, 1/2 HP, 4300 GPH Cast Iron Sump Pump with Tethered Float Switch, 10-Ft. Cord, Red, 14942746

This option is a highly durable sump pump that is ideal for removing large volumes of water.

This model has the ability to pump 4300 gallons of water per hour, and is built with a very heavy-duty cast iron casing, meaning this is a device that will last you years.

In order for this sump pump to work efficiently, the basin that it fits into must be a diameter of 18 inches. If this is not the case, the switch may not work properly, and it may not turn the pump on when there is water entering it.

When purchasing this product, you can be assured that you are receiving a high-quality sump pump, as Red Lion has been manufacturing these products since 1935.


  • Durable – Heavy-duty cast iron casing will provide you with durability.
  • Reputable company – Red Lion have been manufacturing these products for a number of years.
  • Perfect for large spaces – The power this pump offers is great at removing large amounts of water.


  • Heavy – The heavy weight of this item may make it tricky to install and uninstall.

Also available at SumpPumpsDirect.

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Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right sump pump for you is not always easy. There are a variety of things to think about, as different models will come with different floats, materials,  etc. 

This buyer’s guide is going to cover a few things you need to think about when deciding which sump pump to purchase.

Types Of Floats

When it comes to sump pumps, there are a few float types to choose from.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so we’ll go over each of them to give you a better understanding. 

Tethered Float 

Tethered floats are very common among sump pumps. They involve a floating device that rises along with the water level.

Once they reach a certain point, this float activates an electrical switch that will turn the pump on. While these are a great option, they do require a wider sump pump in diameter. 

Vertical Float

These floats work by raising a rod that is attached to a switch that operates the machine.

As the water level rises past a certain point, the float will activate this rod, which will then switch on the machine. The same goes for when the water level decreases. 

These kinds of floats are suitable for sump pumps that are narrower in size. 

Electric Switch

These simply work by a sensor detecting water, which makes them switch on. In turn, they will switch off when they detect the water level has gone back down.

While these switches aren’t as affected by debris in the water as floats can, the minerals in the water can corrode this switch over time. 


Ensuring you are purchasing a sump pump that is durable is key. You don’t want to have to keep replacing it every year, you’ll want one that is going to last you a few years. 

The key to achieving this is to find one that has been constructed using high-quality materials.

Cast iron is probably the most durable material you can get, but it is considerably heavy, which may make the installation process tricky. 

Steel is also highly durable and is considerably lighter than cast iron, so this may be a better option if the heaviness is a problem for you. 

As you have seen in this list, some sump pumps are made with plastic.

These are much lighter, and although they aren’t as durable as steel and cast iron, they have been constructed well, to withstand the water conditions they pick up. 

Flow Rate 

Understanding the flow rate of the sump pump you choose is probably the most important factor to consider. 

If you live in a relatively large home that experiences a lot of rainfall, then you’ll most likely need a sump pump that has a high maximum flow rate.

If where you reside does not experience all that much rain, then you could probably get away with having a smaller sump pump with less of a flow rate.

This will probably be much cheaper for you also. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are The Negatives Of A Sump Pump? 

Like all things, there are a few downsides to sump pumps. One of the most obvious ones is that they use electricity.

Therefore, if a harsh storm were to cut your power off, your sump pump will stop working and could lead to water entering your basement. 

If this is something that happens frequently where you live, it may be worth purchasing a sump pump that has a battery-powered backup option. 

How Do You Maintain A Sump Pump? 

Sump pumps should be maintained at least once every year. However, this will depend on how often it is used, and what kind of sump pump you have. Some of them may need more regular maintenance. 

If you live in an area that experiences frequent rain and storms, that means your sump pump will be working quite a lot.

If this is the case, you should have your sump pump looked at by a professional every few months, as it may need a good clean for it to work to its best ability. 

How Long Does A Sump Pump Usually Last? 

Sump pumps will usually last you around 10 years, but this will depend on the type of sump pump you have, and how well-maintained you are keeping it.

Therefore, in order for it to last as long as possible, you should carry out regular maintenance checks with a professional. 

After your sump pump has hit the 10-year mark, it is probably best to install a replacement.

Can You Pour Bleach Into A Sump Pump? 

It is acceptable to pour bleach into your sump pump. This is an effective way to clean it and to eliminate any odors your sump pump is giving off.

You should never pour straight bleach into your sump pump, it should always be diluted with water, as bleach is a harsh chemical and could cause some damage. 

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, there are an array of sump pumps to choose from, and whichever one is suited to you will depend on your home, and how much rain you experience where you live.

We hope this article has given you some guidance on how to choose the best sump pump for you! 



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