Wayne CDU790 Submersible Sump Pump Review

Wayne CDU790

The sub-$150 price bracket is the lowest one as far as sump pumps are concerned, but it is also the one in which demand is growing at the most rapid pace. It is therefore not surprising that so many new companies try to push in their pumps at a price point lower than what well established companies do, and customers who are tricked into purchasing these pumps soon realize the folly of their sub-standard purchase.

Wayne CDU790

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Wayne Pumps, however, has never been known to cut corners – on the contrary, it has produced such awesome sump pumps as the Wayne 58321-WYN3 Submersible Sump Pump. However, this sump pump belongs to a higher price bracket, and given our focus on the lowest price points possible for a quality sump pump, we instead need to see the Wayne CDU790 Submersible Sump Pump.

As with any Wayne product, this sump pump boasts of a range of features and performance metrics that will put higher-priced products to shame. However, to gauge its true value for money potential, we need to analyze all of its features in greater detail.


  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 12 inches
  • Product Weight: 16.4 pounds
  • Type: Submersible Sump Pump
  • Discharge: 1 ½ inches NPT
  • Motor: 0.3 HP, 100 volts
  • Power: 3450 GPH at 5′ head
  • Warranty: 3- year


The Wayne CDU790 Submersible Sump Pump comes with a three year warranty on all parts, which makes it one of the best sump pumps in the price bracket in terms of warranty offered.


  • Compact structure allows the sump pump to fit in sumps with 11” diameter (or more)
  • Cast iron build for longevity and epoxy coating for protection against corrosion
  • Top suction strainer mechanism allows for filtering of debris
  • Powerful 1/3HP motor with excellent pumping output and maximum head
  • Excellent ceramic sealing for protection of internal components from water
  • Well designed and highly responsive float-operated switch assembly
  • Excellent 3 year warranty on all parts


  • Handle could have been bigger
  • Some users complained of stainless steel parts lacking epoxy coating

Build Quality and Design

Wayne invests a lot in creating well-designed sump pumps, and this is evident in the Wayne CDU790 Submersible Cast Iron and Steel Sump Pump. The product comes with a light and compact design that allows the pump to be used in sumps 11” in diameter. A highly noted point about this design is the proximity of the discharge and the float to the motor casing, without however causing either part to suffer reduced functionality. Furthermore, the structure has a small cast iron base with short legs which ensures stability of the product regardless of the flatness of the sump bottom.

Without premium build quality a good design is meaningless, and so we find Wayne providing high quality cast iron housing for the product so as to insure it against the twin dangers of corrosion and impact of large debris. Corrosion resistant paint has been applied over all external parts so as to provide added defense against corrosion.

The only exception to this are the float (which is not made of metal) and the stainless steel handle and switch guard. Some users argued that this made them more susceptible to corrosion, but long term users countered them, arguing that despite extensive exposure to water, these parts never did show any sings of corrosion.

Major External Parts (Discharge, Power Cable and Handle)

The discharge is a standard 1-1/2” NPT cast iron component which is capable of passing small spherical solid bodies along with the water, thus ensuring that there is no buildup of these small particles at the bottom of the pump. On the other hand, the 1-1/2” NPT size ensures that there is never any incompatibility issue as far as the PVC piping is concerned.

Finally, it is fitted with a top suction strainer which allows the product to filter debris with ease and therefore preclude the possibility of the pump being clogged up due to accumulation of debris.

The power cable on the other hand is of decent length, and when considered along with the fact that it is fully submersible, appears to be one of the better power cables in the industry today. Finally, as we noted above, there is a convenient stainless steel handle at the top of the sump pump, which is shaped in a way that ensures easy compatibility with most hand sizes. However, a few users with very large hands noted that they could not insert all of their fingers into the handle space, and hence had some difficulty in raising and lowering the product.

Motor and Sealing

True to Wayne’s reputation for providing powerful and dependable motors, the product comes with a 1/3HP motor, which is the maximum one can expect in this price range. Coming to the equally crucial question of pumping output, we find the product capable of pumping a marvelous 3450 gallons per hour at 5’ head.

Further, as our sump pump reviews have shown, a product which achieves a maximum head of 20’ on a consistent basis is a great value for money proposition. This Wayne product thankfully reaches this mark and maintains it for successfully for the duration of pumping operations, thereby staking claim to a position in the category of good sump pumps.

Longevity is vital part of the value for money calculation, and motor sealing a vital part of the test of longevity. The Wayne CDU 790 passes this test admirably courtesy of the ceramic seal which separates the motor from the housing, and thereby disallows water from going into the vital internal components and ruining them.

Impeller and Switch

The Wayne CDU790 Sump Pump comes with a standard cast iron impeller, which not only ensures adequate support to the top suction strainer mechanism of the discharge, but also protects itself and the base from damage due to collision of heavy debris with the underside of the pump.

The switch utilizes the well-reputed PVC float system that consists of the large and stable float, the steel suspension rod and the shaft which connects to the switch. As the water level rises, the float is dislocated and pressure is applied on the shaft through the float suspension. This triggers the highly sensitive bipolar switch, causing the motor to start. Though the float is extremely durable, the precise arrangement of the system necessitates additional safeguards, which come in the form a large and hardy stainless steel switch guard.

 Customer Reviews

Customers seeking a great pump in a budget segment noted the ease with which the product could remove even high levels of sump water in little time without suffering any problems. They also praised the small structure, which allowed them to use the pump in conditions where costlier and larger pumps had proved inoperable. Finally, users commended Wayne for providing a 3 year warranty whereas other budget sump pumps barely provided a year of warranty. However, a few users did complain of the handle being small and also of the handle and switch guard not being given special defenses against corrosion.


Unlike low-grade companies that promise a lot but fail to deliver, Wayne promises on paper just what it is able to deliver. In case of the Wayne CDU790 Submersible Sump Pump, this promise amounted to a perfect blend of power, compactness and durability, and our review shows that this is exactly the case in real life as well.

Granted that the product could have had a better handle and some epoxy coating on its steel components, but these minor shortcomings are more than compensated for by the superior motor power, excellent overall build quality and unsurpassable product warranty from the manufacturer. Combined together, these prove that the product is an unbelievable proposition in terms of features offered for the price demanded. Given its compactness and resultant adaptability, this plethora of features makes this sump pump one of the best budget products available in the market today.

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