Wayne CDU980E 58321-WYN3 Submersible Sump Pump

Competition in the sump pump industry is fierce, but Wayne has proved time and again that it is a powerful contender for the top position, producing units such as the Wayne ESP25 Battery Back Up. However, while the ESP25 is a backup pump, the product we’re concerned with today is a mainstream sump pump called Wayne CDU980E 58321-WNY3 Sump Pump.

As we know, there are major differences between backup and primary sump pumps, and hence, it is necessary to see if the excellent specifications which the specs sheet of this sump pump boasts of really translate into the efficient functioning and product longevity that we have come to expect from a top company like Wayne.

Wayne CDU980E

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Specifications of the Wayne CDU980E Sump Pump

  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 12 inches
  • Product Weight: 22 pounds
  • Type: Submersible Sump Pump
  • Discharge: 1 ½ inches NPT
  • Motor: ¾ HP, 115 volts
  • Power: 4600 GPH, 3500 GPH at 10 ft head
  • Warranty: 5 years


The product comes with a stunning 5 years warranty on all parts (including motor and switch assembly), which makes it one of the best sump pumps in terms of the warranty coverage available. As expected, however, the warranty has to be availed by taking the product to the nearest service centre.


  • Tough stainless steel housing
  • Cast iron impeller and base for durability
  • Highly responsive switch
  • Extremely powerful motor with excellent pumping capacity
  • Fully submersible power cord protects against short circuiting, etc.
  • Well designed switch guard for protection against damage during movement
  • Unbelievable 5 years warranty coverage


  • Handle a bit too small
  • Power cord is a bit short.

Build Quality and Design

The Wayne CDU980E 58321-WYN3 Sump Pump is one of the most compatible sump pumps available, thanks to the short but efficient switch design and the fact that the discharge is closer to the main sump pump body than that of the average sump pump. Indeed, this proximity balances the slight rise in width caused by the comparatively thicker motor housing and the equally large float (discussed below).

Complementing the design is the high quality of the materials. The motor housing is made of durable stainless steel, which is capable of handling the pressure of the sump water and the occasional collision with heavy solid objects in the sump water without difficulty. Some users, however, complained that the housing lacks the epoxy paint which is characteristic of some other brands, and is therefore liable to corrode and leak.

However, this minority of users also admitted that even after years of use, no actual signs of corrosion or leakage could be found, which testifies to the care taken by Wayne to provide quality products each and every time. However, the product does contain a cast iron impeller and base, which allows the pump to work efficiently even when the impeller has to collide with sharp and/or heavy objects while pumping water.

Major External Parts (discharge, handle and power cord)

The Wayne CDU980E Submersible Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Sump Pump with Vertical Float Switch comes with a 1-1/2” NPT discharge which, as we have seen, is located quite close to the main body of the sump pump. Unlike some low quality sump pumps, Wayne has taken adequate care to ensure a smooth and molded design that does not easily get damaged or blocked.

Though the product is not very heavy, proper handling procedure demands the presence of a handle. Wayne has therefore provided the product with a stainless steel handle at the top, which, however, is slightly small considering the overall size of the sump pump. The power cord is fully submersible and can reach power points at moderate distances. However, it has been criticized for being unable to reach distances achieved by some other similarly priced sump pumps.

Motor and Sealing

The most important part of the sump pump is the motor, and Wayne has provided this product with a 2HP motor that can easily beat the ½ and 1/3HP motors that the competition boasts of, thereby making this product a great value for money proposition.

Equally important is the flow rate, however, and as expected, the powerful motor achieves a maximum of 4600 gallons per hour. If this weren’t enough, the product offers an even more stunning 3500 gallons per hour at 10 feet head, which few sump pumps can achieve, regardless of the price bracket.

Finally, the product is designed to utilize the “top suction” mechanism of the motor for efficient removal of the sump water. This design eliminates the air locks and prevents the solid particles collected at the bottom of the sump pit from blocking the vital parts of the pump. Rounding off the excellent motor’s capabilities is the hermetic sealing which separates the motor and vital circuitry from coming into contact with the water outside.

Impeller and Switch Assembly

The impeller is the part of the product that is made of cast iron, but unlike some poorly designed products, the impeller on the Wayne CDU980E Sump Pump does not weigh down the product and thereby reduce efficiency. Indeed, while being light enough for the pump to function efficiently, the impeller’s specially engineered design allows it to move water with greater efficiency as compared to an average sump pump.

Finally, as our reviews of sump pumps indicate, a vital parameter to consider is the switch assembly and switch protection. The Wayne CDU980E 58321-WYN3 Sump Pump offers a sturdy polypropylene float that is light enough to be highly sensitive to the subtle changes in water level.

The switch is automatic and is operated by motion of the stainless steel arm connected to the float. As one would expect, the switch is adequately protected by a large and well molded stainless steel guard that ensures that there is never any dislocation of the precision apparatus when raising or lowering the sump pump to the sump.

Customer Reviews

Customers praised the excellent design of the product, remarking on the molded design of the base and the overall portability of the product. Users also liked the excellent horsepower offered by the product, which they claimed was far superior to that offered by similarly priced brands. Finally, Wayne was praised for providing a great warranty and equally good customer service. At the same time however, some users noted that the handle was of insufficient size, which made raising the product a difficult task.


With the Wayne CDU980E Stainless Steel Sump Pump, Wayne has demonstrated its ability to excel in all departments as far as primary sump pumps are concerned. Indeed, it is nearly impossible to find a product that combines efficiency and compact design in such high proportions without raising the price to prohibitive levels.

Indeed, if we carefully weigh out the pros listed above and compare them to the few cons, we realize that this sump pump is one of the best options for any home that requires a durable, efficient yet light and compact sump pump.

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