Wayne EEAUP250 Automatic ON/OFF Electric Water Removal Pump Reviews

A specially designed Wayne EEAUP250 1/4 HP Water Removal Pump is the perfect choice for window wells, flat roofs, crawl spaces and other areas of the house where water accumulates. It is used to remove the water content build-up from both the crawlspaces and basements and deposit it safely through the system of waste water present in your home.


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The motor pumps of this product are oil-free and energy efficient. 3,000 GPS motor pumps have the capability to remove water or flood down up to 3/8 inch surface. The electric and automatic off/on removal pump include simple working. Simply plug the product in and leave it unattended for enjoying safe water removal. Moreover, EEAUP250 water removal device senses the existence of flood and only works when required. The fully sealed thermoplastic assembly of this pump is secure for the submersible operation.

Features and specifications

This pump is automatic and energy efficient. It boasts with advanced iSwitch technology that turns it off and on by effectively sensing the existence of water content, therefore saving energy usage when not required. This product is designed by using quality materials that make this electric pump durable and corrosion resistant.

  • This product is perfect for any submersible operation
  • The attractive feature of WAYNE EEAUP250 is that this product let users can be left unattended for a long time while working and eliminating water from affected areas.
  • This option makes it a suitable choice for house owners who want to protect their home from issues created by the heavy flood.
  • The higher this pump’s pull rating and gallons every instant, the more effective and fast it will remove water.
  • The maximum flow rate of this 1/4 HP is about 3000 GPH and 1850 GPH at ten feet of the discharge lift.
  • 1-1/4 inches of discharge with the 3/4 inches of hose adapter of the garden.
  • It can be completely left unattended for removing water or flood from window wells, stock tanks, boats, flat roofs, flooded basements and low driveway spots.
  • The power source of this product is corded-electric
  • It is now obtainable in port colour


  • The WAYNE EEAUP250 comes with revolutionary and brand new technology, known as I-Switch
  • It comes with an admiring warranty period of 1 year that let users get a peaceful mind for a year
  • This smart pump or water removing product can remove liquid about 3/8 inches
  • The maximum removal range of this product is also really high when compare with other same pumps
  • The intelligent pump consumes minimal power or energy than many of its opponents


  • It does not hold the Multi-Flo technology, like other products with same price range
  • It is not capable of passing the solids like other similar pumps are capable of doing it
  • Apart from that, the storage of this pump is a problem.
  • This pump does not include a simple hand tab for simple storage and handling.
  • This feature or option is available with other products of same price range.


In short, the function of this 1/4 HP Wayne EEAUP250 is fairly simple that make it as one of the best,   high-quality and most premium water removal pump at this cost. This product has many useful features, including durability, rust-free and more that make it an ideal choice for the submersible operations. Apart from that, this pump has better power efficiency. The brand new technology enables the pump to remove liquid up to greater depths. Every though, there are few storage problems, this pump can be considered as an ideal pump for everyone right now. Moreover, it has an admiring one year warranty.

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