Zoeller M267 Waste-Mate Sewage Pump Reviews


A sump pump is basic necessity for every household. In case of flooded house basements, a sump pump can be used to control the situation. Also, it can be used to overcome the water leakages. There is a large variety of sump pumps. Installing a good quality pump is all you need. A good quality sump pump offers you many advantages. A basement full of water can create many problems in the house. So, it is very important to install a sump pump in such houses. Zoeller M267 is one of the best sump pumps in the market. It is the most sold out sump pumps owned by most of the houses. It is a very efficient sump pump with ½ horse power motor which also makes it very powerful sump pump. This sump pump has many features which are discussed below.

Zoeller M267

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  • The parts of this sump pump are made of stainless steel and cast iron.
  • This in turn makes the pump resistant from corrosion. The parts of the machine can thus last longer.
  • The epoxy powder coating also serves the same purpose as of cast iron that is preventing the pump from corrosion.
  • This primary sump pump is very reliable.
  • It is waterproof as well as dust proof.
  • There is a neoprene gasket in the pump.
  • The pump can work in most adverse conditions.
  • A proper base for extra cooling and tough performance is provided in this sump pump.
  • The motor is protected from thermal issues and is sealed hermetically which protects the engine from overheating, as oil is filled in the motor which on overheating may catch fire.
  • For more protection, a shaft is provided which is formed of ceramic and carbon material.


  • This Zoeller sump pump is 10.8 x 13.7 x 16 inches in dimensions.
  • It is 48 pounds in weight.
  • It works on 115V voltage and has 0.5 horse power motor.
  • It is coated with cast iron.
  • It is made in USA.
  • It has a discharge port whose size is 2inches.
  • Length of power cord is 10 feet.
  • The minimum size of basin is 18 inches.
  • The motor takes out water at 129 gallons per minute.
  • This model is handy in many sizes. This sump pump is also classified on the basis of working of the motor.
  • This product comes with one year manufacturing warranty.


  • This sump pump serves as a grinder along with a sewage pump.
  • The internal parts of this pump are very cheap.
  • The pump is corrosion resistant as it is made up of cast iron.
  • It is very easy to install.
  • The float is very different in design as compared to other sump pumps.
  • It doesn’t get tangled in the toilet paper.


  • There are no built-in check vales.
  • Unlike most of the sump pumps which are oil free, this pump doesn’t contain an oil free motor.
  • It doesn’t suit best for heavy duties. In most of the heavy duty cases, it collapsed.


Zoeller M267 pump is an efficient pump sump and a person can easily rely on it. It provides many features which most of the sump pumps fail to explain. It is very easy to install. It has an affordable price which best suits according to its features. The inner parts are very cheap, so in case of any mishandling of parts there isn’t a great loss. It has some demerits which can be ignored as it has a huge positive side. Overall, it is a good quality product. It is rated mostly 5 stars by most of its customers. I personally recommend this pump sump for efficient and effective working.

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon

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