Wayne WSS30V Review: Primary and Battery Backup Sump Pump System (Update For 2024)

If you’ve ever experienced a basement flood, you know how much damage it can cause. And if you live in an area with a high water table or are constantly threatened by severe weather conditions, you know that a dependable sump pump is essential to keeping your home dry and free of water damage.

The Wayne WSS30V is a primary and battery backup sump pump system designed to give you peace of mind in a power outage or other emergency. This system includes a powerful 1/2 horsepower primary sump pump that can move up to 5100 gallons per hour and a backup battery pump that can move up to 2800 gallons per hour.

This blog post will take an in-depth look at the features and benefits of the Wayne WSS30V sump pump system and its potential drawbacks. We’ll also provide a buying guide to help you decide if this is the right sump pump system for your needs.

First Impressions

The Wayne WSS30V sump pump system, comes with everything you need for installation, including a primary sump pump, backup battery pump, discharge hose, check valve, and wiring kit. The primary pump is a submersible 1/2 horsepower model that can move up to 5100 gallons per hour. The backup battery pump is also submersible and can move up to 2800 gallons per hour.

The Wayne WSS30V has a durable cast iron housing and a stainless steel shaft for long-lasting performance. A 5-year warranty also backs this sump pump system.

Customer Feedback and Ratings

The Wayne WSS30V has an average customer rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon (1595 ratings), 90% of which is either 5-star or 4-star. Customers appreciate the peace of mind that this sump pump system provides and its easy installation and reliable performance.

Some customers have noted that the battery backup pump is not as powerful as the primary pump, but this is to be expected with most battery backup sump pump systems. Overall, the Wayne WSS30V is a well-reviewed sump pump system that should meet the needs of most homeowners.

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • This unit is tested more than 1 million times to prove its efficiency and performance.
  • The primary top suction is durable and is made with cast iron that does not rust easily.
  • Pre-assembled that helps in a quick installation without getting assistance from the professionals.
  • Less power consumption, which means that the primary pump requires 120 V and the secondary pump requires 12 V to drain out 5100 gallons and 2800 gallons of water per hour respectively.
  • It has two heavy-duty check valves.
  • It comes with an LED indicator and alarm system to inform about the active state of the sump pump system.
  • It is durable, reliable, long-lasting, and corrosion-resistant, giving you a higher value for your money.
  • The sump pump operates quieter when compared to pumps of other brands.
  • It comes with a manufacturer warranty for five years, which proves the value and effectiveness of this sump pump system.


  • It is a little bit more expensive.
  • It can be used only for a sump pit more than 15 inches in diameter.
  • It cannot be used in pits less than 15 inches in diameter.
WAYNE - 1/2 HP Basement [Sump] [Pump] System with Integrated Vertical Float Switch and 12 Volt [Battery] Back Up Capability, [Battery] Not Included - Up to 5,100 Gallons Per Hour - Heavy Duty
  • Indoor Use Only: This 1/2 HP WAYNE indoor sump system is perfect to keep your basement or indoor area dry during heavy water flow, even if you lose electricity; whether it’s rain, snow melting or more, WAYNE model WSS30VN can keep your basement dry
  • Back-Up Ready: WSS30VN will pump up to 5,100 GPH and remove/evacuate/expel/get rid of up to 10,000 gallons on a single battery backup charge; WAYNE WSB1275 75 AH Battery is required for back-up but not included
  • Efficient Design: Comes preassembled and ready for drop-in for easy installation in 15 minutes or less with no need to drill a weep hole; fits in 16” diameter or larger sump basins
  • Additional Features: The system has been tested to 1 million cycles for long-lasting use; comes with 8-foot SJTW power cord
  • Quality You Deserve: Proudly assembled in the USA for quality you can trust; warrantied for 3 years for dependable, efficient, & ultra-quiet performance

Strongest Features

The Wayne WSS30V sump pump system includes a primary 1/2 horsepower submersible pump and a backup battery pump, both designed for dependable performance. The primary pump can move up to 5100 gallons per hour, while the backup pump can move up to 2800 gallons per hour.

Wayne WSS30V sump pump system is fitted with state of the art Switch Genius switch, which is managed by a microprocessor to detect water level and operate the pump. In addition, it is integrated with an automatic alarm system and indicator LED light that lets you know that the backup system is in function and activity.

To ensure effective operation, the Wayne sump pump system must be operated at 120 volts whereas the backup pump at 12 volts. The primary pump system can drain out 5100 gallons of water per hour, which is something higher when compared to other sump pump systems.

This sump pump is automatic and is designed to prevent basement flooding by removing water from the sump pits. A backup sump pump is also integrated along with the main pump. It helps in relieving the load from the primary pump, especially when the water level increases a lot.

Is It Worth Purchasing?

The Wayne WSS30V sump pump system is a reliable and well-reviewed option that should meet the needs of most homeowners. It includes a primary 1/2 horsepower submersible pump and a backup battery pump, both designed for dependable performance.

The company provides a 5-year warranty on this product, which is a testament to its quality and durability. If you’re looking for a sump pump system that will provide peace of mind and reliable performance, the Wayne WSS30V is worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a battery backup to my sump pump?

If you’re looking to add a battery backup to your sump pump, the Wayne WSS30V is an excellent option. This sump pump system includes a primary 1/2 horsepower submersible pump and a backup battery pump, both designed for dependable performance.

How often should I test my sump pump?

It’s generally recommended that you test your sump pump once a year to ensure it’s in good working condition. You can do this by pouring a bucket of water into the sump pit and providing the pump activates and removes the water.

How do you adjust a sump pump float?

The float on a sump pump activates the pump when the water level in the sump pit reaches a certain point. If you need to adjust the float, loosen the screw that holds it in place and move it up or down to the desired position. Once you’ve done this, retighten the screw, so the float doesn’t move out of place.

How do you wire a two-sump pump?

If you’re wiring a two-sump pump system, you’ll need to connect the primary pump to a 120-volt power source and the backup pump to a 12-volt power source. It’s also essential to make sure the pumps are correctly grounded.

How do you plumb a sump pump?

To plumb a sump pump, you’ll need to connect a PVC pipe from the discharge port on the pump to the desired location. It’s essential to ensure the pipe is properly sealed and secured, so there are no leaks.

Watch the video to learn more on how to install a sump pump:


Wayne WSS30V is known to have a sleek design and strong construction. It is extremely impressive, especially with its quiet performance. This combo will be the right choice if you want a basic level pump and a backup system. It can be installed easily without any need for hiring experts. If you use this system as per the instructions, it can last for long years. You could also get the best value for your money.

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