Best Sump Pump Check Valve Reviews

Have you ever wondered how does the water is discharged out of the sump pump in one direction and not backwards? If you do wonder, the reason behind is because of a check valve located on the discharge pipe. The best sump pump check valve helps to prevent the backflow of water into the tank when the motor is turned off.

How does it work?

The check valve works based on the flow of water. The internal disk present in the check valve allows the water to move forward which opens the valve and automatically closes when the forward flow declines or is reversed.

Best 5 Sump Pump Check Valve Comparison Chart

No.ImageNameItem WeightProduct DimensionsWhere to buy
1Zoeller 30-018114.4 ounces9.8 x 17.5 x 6.8 inchesCheck Price
2Campbell CHECK VALVE QUIET CLR1.51.2 pounds3.3 x 3.3 x 9.5 inchesCheck Price
3Superior Pump 995557.2 ounces8 x 3 x 3 inchesCheck Price
4AY McDonald 4424-10013.1 ounces3 x 3 x 11.4 inchesCheck Price
5Zoeller 30-00411.15 pounds1 x 1 x 1 inchesCheck Price

Top 7 Best Sump Pump Check Valve Reviews


Zoeller 30-0181 PVC Plastic Check Valve

A good check valve is essential for proper working of a sump pump. If you are facing a problem with loud noises (such as hammering) then this check valve brings you silence. They are the best rated traditional check valves. The installation process can be done very easily. When the pump stops the valve closes by the gravity of the backwater. It is designed in such way that it lasts for years. It easily slips over PVC, ABS, Steel pipe or copper pipes. The flexible hinge eliminates hinge stress (bending) caused due to earthquakes, and etc. Let's look into the features of this product

best sump pump check valve

  • Zoeller 30-0181 comes with 1-1/2 inch check valve which is well engineered to suit the pipes.
  • The flapper is designed in such that it bends to a certain extent and drives out the 90-degree edges.
  • It is constructed in such a way that water hammer is reduced.
  • The PVC plastic check body can be solvent for a rigid pressure rated piping system to 25 PSI.
  • It is designed to withstand a heat upto 130-degree Fahrenheit (54 degree Celsius). It is better than most other units available at the local hardware store.


  • They are available at reasonable price.
  • Very good in quality and are reliable.
  • Works quiet (noise free) and smooth.
  • Installation work is very easy and done within minutes.
  • Designed for both positive and vertical installations.
  • Free from water hammer.


  • It is partly made of plastic, which can have a reduced lifespan.
  • The opaque plastic makes it impossible to view during its operation.

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Next is the quiet check valve. If you have a sump pump in the basement of your house and you hear a banging noise you know how annoying it might be? By installing a quiet sump pump check valve there is no question of banging noise when the valve shuts. The name itself describes how quiet it may be. No more headache by the clunking sound. This check valve eliminates the annoying noise caused due to opening and closing of the valve with the spring loaded internal flapper. Therefore any shock makes the bottom check to softly seat itself against the sealing surface. There is a limited manufacturer’s warranty available. The following are the features of this product

sump pump check valve reviews

  • This valve comes with the most popular 1 ½ inch size and made out of plastic.
  • This check valve has a clear display which seems to be very handy for testing or viewing the valve function. Any malfunctions can be identified clearly.
  • This valve also works very silently without making a banging noise.
  • This valve can work in both horizontal and vertical direction without any trouble.
  • It comes with true union couplings which can be screwed and unscrewed easily during replacement.
  • It reduces the water hammering and other air problems completely. It is offered at a reasonable price.


  • As it uses the spring to close and open the valve rather than gravity, it is more silent than any other valves.
  • The working of the check valve is visible with transparent plastic.
  • Handles the pressure and water hammer is also reduced.


  • The strong springs might sometimes reduce the flow of water.
  • Parts made of plastic can reduce the durability of the check valve.

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Superior Pump 99555 Plastic Universal Check Valve Kit

Next is the superior pump 99555 universal check valve. With over 150 years of pump industry experience, the‘superior pump’ makes every product with innovative technology and high-quality components. This valve is made out of durable ABS plastic. It uses a flipper style technique to open and close the valve during operation. The time taken for installation is considerably less. It is designed to fit with PVC pipes, Fernco pipe couplings, ABS Fittings and lot more. Therefore fitting will be easily done and does not involve any problems. It comes with limited manufacturer’s warranty of one year. The following are the features of this check valve

best sump pump check valve reviews

  • It is a trustworthy check valve that comes with 1¼ inch and most popular 1½ inch male and female adopters which is suitable for almost all fittings.
  • It has a high quality and durable nitril (Bruna N) seal which is attributed to excellent oil resistance on industrial equipment and designed for low-pressure water flange. This helps to stay the valve fixed with the pipes.
  • It can work perfectly with the presence of any amount of pressure in the pipe.
  • The package comes with one universal check valve along with two adaptors.


  • Works very quietly by eliminating the banging noise.
  • Offered at a low price when compared to others.
  • Set up time is made quickly.
  • Made with a high-quality nitril rubber seal.


  • Sometimes it breaks during tightening.
  • Plastic made valve can limit the lifespan.
  • Functions are not visible with the opaque plastic material.

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AY McDonald 4424-100 2069C 1 1/2 Clear Silent Check Valve

Next is the AY McDonald check valve. It is a traditional company famous for its quality and reliability. This check valve eliminates the typical banging sound of check valve when the pump shuts. AY McDonald uses a unique dual check design. The top check in the valve which absorbs the shock of the falling water so that the bottom check is seated softly on the sealing surface. All the valves are pressure tested to ensure performance with leak proof. It uses the spring to open and close the valve. It also provides limited warranty period with certain conditions. Let us see the features of this check valve

noisy sump pump check valve

  • It comes with popular 1 ½ inch and 1 ¼ inch size variants which suits with most of the fittings.
  • It is made of plastic which is non-metallic and cannot corrode over time.
  • The body is made of high-grade ABS material. The clamps are made of 301 stainless steel clamps.
  • The hoses are made with Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) which has good ageing stability and abrasion resistance.
  • It has the capability of handling heavy duty pumps. However, this check valve has not been rated at a high temperature.


  • No leakage of water.
  • No worry of pressure as they come pressure tested.
  • Wearing resistance during contact with another surface.
  • It works in both vertical and horizontal directions.
  • Valve works with spring.


  • The flapper (which works with spring) might sometimes seem stiff which can reduce the flow of water.
  • It is made of plastic.

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Zoeller 30-0041 50 psi PVC 2-Port Check Valve

Next is the Zoeller 30- 0041. As we know that Zoeller check valves are best rated traditional valves, this check valve is also a top rated variant. To be the best valve it must be noise resistance. This Zoeller 30- 041 works with springs to open and close the valves and thereby it reduces the banging noise made when the valve stops. These magical springs also eliminate the water hammer caused due to air to a large extent. The body is made of PVC plastic material which helps us to view the functioning of the valve. It has a limited warranty on certain conditions. The following are the features of this product

what is a sump pump check valve

  • It comes with most used 1 ½ inch size which can be easily fitted. It is designed to work in both vertical and horizontal direction.
  • The ‘solvent weld ends’ feature helps the user to join the pipe without much difficulty which paves way for easy installation.
  • Unlike other check valves, threading of pipes is not required.
  • The plastic body has the ability to bear upto 50 PSI of pressure in the pipe. It is also designed to resist upto 130-degree Fahrenheit (54-degree celsius).
  • Suitable for installations that are made below the basin cover.


  • Easy and quick installation can be made with the help of solvent welding.
  • Works efficiently even with high pressure.
  • Transparent valve helps to see the working of the check valve.


  • The ends are O-ring shaped and are unique to this device. If you go wrong in glueing, then you are forced to replace only from Zoeller.

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WAYNE 1-1/2 in. Check Valve With PVC Clamps

Next in our discussion is the Wayne check valves. To reduce the back water flow, this check valve is specially designed to suit any sump pump (both submersible and pedestal sump pump). Like other valves, this one also comes with noise resistance. It uses the gravity of the water to open and close the valves. It also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty up to certain period of time. Let us look into the features of this product.

silent sump pump check valve

  • This valve also comes in 1 ½ inch and 1 ¼ inch pipe connection which is suitable for the majority of the sump pumps.
  • As it is made of PVC plastic, this check valve kit is corrosion resistant which lasts for longer time.
  • It comes with ‘reducer boot’ which can resist high temperature in the pipe.
  • It also comes along with small stainless steel clamp and large stainless steel clamp.
  • Also includes 1 ½ inch shoulder head adaptor along with it.


  • The check valve can resist high temperature of the water.
  • Reduces the noise produced in the check valve.
  • It is suitable for any kind of sump pump.


  • Works with gravity to shut the valve which might increase the chances of water hammering.
  • Not available easily at your local store.

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Glentronics Basement Watchdog Klunkless Check Valve

The last is the watchdog klunkless check valve. Are you awakened on the rainy nights due to the noise created by the check valve when the pump shuts off? Watchdog klunkless valve comes to serve you as a watchdog and give you a pleasant sleep. The word klunkless itself clearly means that noise(clunk) is reduced. It is designed to suit all types of sump pumps. It is also manufactured with a motive to improve the durability of the check valves. Let us look into the features

how does a sump pump check valve work

  • This valve comes with 1 ½ and 1 ¼ inch diameter which is suitable for most of the pipes.
  • They can be easily fitted in compact places.
  • It has a patented silencing air chambers which absorb the shock made when the valve is shut. It also reduces the water hammering sound and other air problems.
  • It also comes with hose clamps made of stainless steel.
  • It also comes with 2 years manufacturer’s warranty which helps to repair the valve if anything goes wrong during these periods without any cost.


  • The installation work seems to be quite easy and quick.
  • Noise is reduced to some extent.
  • It reduces water hammer.
  • Designed in such a way that it lasts for years.


  • It makes noise while the valve shuts after few years of use.
  • There are chances for leakage of water.
  • Not suitable for the horizontal fixture.
  • It is unreliable.

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How to Choose The Best Check Valve For Sump Pump:

There are various sump pump check valves available on the market. Each of them differs substantially in terms of price, quality, durability, performance and etc. Before procuring a check valve for your sump pump have a look at the following points.

Budget: Estimate the budget that you wish to spend on a sump pump check valve. Check valves are available in various price ranges.

Type of sump pump: Know about the type of pump system that you have installed. Sometimes the check valve might fail to work due to mismatch with the pump.

Power level: Also know the power level of the sump pump. The check valve must be capable of functioning with the horsepower of the sump pump.

The frequency of use: Know the frequency of flooding or the frequency of usage of a sump pump. If the frequency is more then buy a branded check valve which can last for along time.

Speed: It emphasises on the speed at which water has to be moved. Select a check valve which can act at a similar speed.

Noise reduction: Emphasis on silent check valves. Check valves can create a loud banging noise when it is closed. Therefore choose a silent one.

Durability: Wish for a metal check valve which ultimately increases the lifespan of the valve. Plastic check valves have less durability than metal valves.

Diameter: Check the diameter of the pipe fitted in the sump pump. It is advisable to take a piece of pipe to get a right fit.


Benefits of Good sump pump check valves:

By choosing the best sump pump check valve, you can enjoy the following benefits

  • Attaching a check valve ensures one-way flow of water and prevents back water flow. This prevents the water to get into the tank again when the pump stops.
  • By fixing a check valve, the life of a sump pump can be improved. When a check valve is not fixed, each time when your sump pump turns off the water rushes back to the tank and causes wear and tear to the pump which in turn reduces the lifespan.
  • Most of the check valve can be used as both vertically as well as horizontally.
  • Fitting a right check valve can eliminate water hammer (causes when the flow of water gets reversed). The valve that does not rely on reverse gravity flow but uses the spring to close will prevent water hammer.
  • Check valves reduce vibration in the pipe. It uses the velocity of the fluid to increase pressure against the valve disk which moves the disk smoothly and gently which in turn reduces vibrations.
  • They act as pressure regulators which in turn saves energy. It helps to reduce the hammering noises by replacing an old valve with a “soft close” or “silent” check valve.
  • The check valve can be replaced without cutting the pipe when it needs to be serviced. Therefore it does not take more time and energy to change to change the check valve.


As we conclude that check valve is an unavoidable part of sump pump which has many added benefits. There is a huge number of check valve models available in the market. Each valve has its own merits and demerits. Need changes from person to person based on size, location, budget, brand, speed and pressure required. With the help of the list of check valves provided above, see whether your needs match with the features of the check valve. Therefore evaluate your needs wisely and choose the right check valve for your sump pump and make the best use of it.

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