Best Heat Pump Reviews – Buyer’s Guide for 2024

In today’s world, one never knows what the next season will bring with itself. It has been observed that in recent years, the weather in winter or summer usually has been quite extreme, that is extremely cold or hot and the people living in their homes usually feels uncomfortable. ThHeat pumps can be used to keep homes feeling comfortable through the seasons. In recent years, it has been seen that winter or summer often brings about extreme cold weather conditions which would make living inside uncomfortable with their heating system on full blast; however by installing a heat pump you will not have this problem any longer because they devices operate in dual mode – providing both hot air conditioning during warm months when needed most as well as cozy warmth at other times throughout year without fail! These clever machines also find application outside of our houses too like office buildings where controlling temperature makes sense since we work closely together indoors all day long

We have collected a list of best heat pumps of 2024 that are widely available in the market so that one can get a general idea about the type of pumps that one can choose from.

Best Selling Heat Pumps Comparison Chart

No.ImageNameTypeBTUCooling & Heating efficiencyWarrantyWhere to buy
1Pioneer WYS012-17Air Conditioner & Heat Pump8-36k17.2 SEER 9.0 HSPF2-yearCheck Price
2MRCOOL DIYHeat Pump w/ WiFi12-36k16 SEER5-year parts 7-year compressorCheck Price
3SenvilleAir Conditioner & Heat Pump9-24k22 SEER2-year parts 7-year compressorCheck Price
4Goodman GSX160361Heat Pump18-57k16 SEER10-year Parts Limited WarrantyCheck Price
5Frigidaire FFRH0822R1Air Conditioner & Heat Pump5-12k-2-year parts 5-year compressorCheck Price


10 Top Rated Heat Pumps Reviews


Pioneer WYS012-17 Air Conditioner Inverter+ Ductless Wall Mount Heat Pump

This heat pump from pioneer comes laced with the latest technologies so that can get maximum efficiency. The product comes in various capacities according to the size of the space where it needs to be installed. Comes with re-installed night mode that function that automatically regulates the temperature in accordance with the general body temperature and auto restart function which helps on the memorization of the settings in case there is a power failure so that the machine can start operating again at the same settings when the power comes back.

best heat pump

Key features and specifications:-

  • The set temperature is automatically attained by the device with the help of sophisticated circuits that slows down or speeds up the compressor as required.
  • Gives a wide range of temperature variations to select from
  • Can be controlled by Wi-Fi.
  • 110-120V; 60 Hz.
  • Has a cooling and heating capacity of 12,000 BTU/H with 17.2 SEER and 9.0 hspf efficiency


  • Large temperature range to choose from.
  • Uses very less amount of electricity as compared to the other devices available in the market.
  • Has pre-installed functions installed in it that helps in the quick setting of the device.
  • Almost noiseless.


  • Hard to install for those doing it for the first time.
  • Some extra tools and other things are needed in order to install the product properly.

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Senville SENA-12HF-Z 12000 BTU 22 SEER Heat Pump, Mini

This mini heat pump by Senville is the perfect device for small space usage like living rooms, bedrooms etc. The product uses the latest technology that leads the industry right now and is highly energy efficient as it is verified by EnergyStar. All the systems of the product are pre-charged with the required refrigerants so that the machine can easily be operated for a long time without any problem. The product operates noiselessly and comes with a warranty on the whole product and on the compressor as well.

heat pump reviews

Key features and specifications:-

  • Uses the technology of DC inverter.
  • Gives a wide range of temperature variations to select from.
  • 208-230V.
  • Uses a dedicated whisper technology so that there is no noise at all.
  • The device is highly efficient and gives a great performance.
  • The remote of the device has a built-in thermostat that helps in the temperature control easily.


  • Comes with a warranty of 2 years on every part and a 7-year warranty on the compressor.
  • The device is certified by EnergyStar, confirming its less usage of electricity.
  • Doesn’t create any noise because of the special whisper technology.


  • The product doesn’t come with the electrical cables or wiring.
  • Are efficient only for individual rooms or small spaces.

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Goodman 3 Ton 16 SEER Heat Pump

A premium product by Goodman, it can be used to replace other units so that the performance can be enhanced and the cooling is done more effectively. The device has a great energy efficiency and minimal sound level that comes under the best of the industry. The refrigerant used, R-410A, is chlorine free that helps in preventing any damage to the ozone. The product is specifically designed for those customers who demand extreme comfort and eco-friendly aftereffects.

best heat pump reviews

Key features and specifications:-

  • The aluminum coils are further improved so that they are more durable.
  • The filter comes installed with a dryer from the factory itself.
  • Operates at 208-230V and 60 Hz.
  • Uses an environment-friendly refrigerant.
  • The product is AHRI certified and ETL listed.
  • Heavily guarded with galvanized steel.
  • Has a cooling capacity of 38400 BTU.


  • The scroll compress helps in making the device highly energy efficient.
  • Comes with sound dampening technology, ensuring noise-free operation.
  • Spaces are provided at the top and on the side so that maintenance can be done if and when required.


  • Doesn’t have the heating capability unlike other products available in the market at a cheaper price.
  • No warranty if it isn’t installed by a qualified installer.

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Frigidaire FFRH0822R1 8000 BTU Heat Pump with Remote Control

This product by Frigidaire is the perfect solution for smaller rooms. Easy to install and operate, it can be easily used in day to day life. It can be used for both, cooling and heating purposes which makes it the ideal equipment for any house or personal space. It also comes with a timer as well, which can be used to turn it on and off at half an hour interval so that the room stays cool and the bill is reduced as well.

best rated heat pump brands

Key features and specifications:-

  • It has the capability of dehumidifying approximately 1.5 pints/hour.
  • Operates on standard 115V.
  • The direction of the air can be easily controlled with the help of the design of the machine.
  • The device has enough power to easily control the temperature of a room of 350 square feet.
  • Comes with 3 cooling speeds, fan speeds, and a heating speed.


  • Costs very less, anyone can easily afford it.
  • Can be easily installed.
  • The remote of the device has every button on it to control the device including energy saver, heat mode, and auto mode as well.


  • The LCD display panel on the device is too small to view the current settings.
  • Doesn’t come with a dehumidifier.

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Honeywell MM14CHCS 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Heat Pump

This Honeywell product is a mean machine, capable of cooling or heating a room effectively with a 14000 BTU air conditioner and 13000 BTU heat pump. It has roller attached to the lower part of its body which makes it easier to transport it from one place to another in no time. Functioning as a 4 in 1 device, Honeywell has again exceeded all the expectations and pushed the limit of innovation in this field again.

what is a heat pump

Key features and specifications:-

  • It has 3 fans and cool settings each.
  • Comes with a remote control and digital controls as well.
  • Operates at 120V.
  • Has the capacity to dehumidify 4 pints/hour and comes with an auto evaporation system as well.
  • Creates no noise at all.
  • Doesn’t need to be installed permanently, can be moved.


  • Capable of performing 4 different functions.
  • Is very easy to install.
  • Uses less amount of electricity during heating as compared to an electric heater.
  • Has an LCD display with easy to use controls.


  • Needs to be started again after a power cut.
  • Air conditioning doesn’t cool as much as expected.

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Whynter ARC-122DHP Elite Heat and Drain Pump

This product is an ideal product which can be used to perform 4 basic operations like cooling, heating, dehumidification, and fan. The 12000 BTU cooling and 10000 BTU heating component of the device makes short work of the temperature control of the room. It can be used effectively in a moist environment, thanks to its patented function of auto draining which exhausts all the water collected due to condensation in the device. The roller under the main body helps in transporting it from one place to another without much effort.

portable heat pump

Key features and specifications:-

  • Has digital control on the main body and remote is provided as well.
  • Uses eco-friendly refrigerant.
  • Has the capability to dehumidify up to 76pint/day.
  • Uses patented technology to dish out the condensate in the moist environment.
  • Has a dedicated plug to detect any sort of leakage.
  • The device operates on a 115V system.
  • Has 3 fan speeds and a cool setting.


  • Energy efficient and smaller in size.
  • There is no noise at all, even when the fan is running on low speed.
  • Starts itself automatically after a power cut.
  • Can be programmed for 24 hours in advance so that energy is saved.


  • The AC and the dehumidifier cannot be used at the same time.
  • The warranty period of the device and the compressor is less than the other products of the same type.

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LG Electronic LP1414SHR

Apart from having both, the heating and cooling components, a touch sensor control panel, LCD display panel and other latest technology, the thing that attracts the attention of everyone is its sleek and modern design. The design and make of the product are in accordance with the modern architecture so it completely matches with the décor of the house. Apart from the looks, the dehumidification system and the self-evaporating system allows the device to run continuously even in the moist environment.

how to install a heat pump

Key features and specifications:-

  • Has a dehumidifying capability of 3.4 pints/hour.
  • Operates on 115V.
  • The device has an auto restart system as well.
  • Saves a lot of energy when operated under energy saving function.
  • The air filters can be washed after some days of usage.
  • The rollers are attached to the device for easy transportation


  • Reduces the carbon emission by up to 90%.
  • The auto evaporation system helps in running the machine continuously without the need of removing the water.
  • It has an LCD display panel with digital sensors.


  • The device gets a bit louder when functioning as a heat pump.

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Friedrich PH14B 13500 btu Heat Pump

One shouldn’t get fooled by the soft and cute looks of this device. It comes with all the latest technologies and can be easily transported from one place to the other with the help of the wheels attached underneath. The device can perform cooling, heating, dehumidifying and as a fan, making it a 4 in 1 device coordinator and has a 24-hour timer as well, which will save the energy and electricity both, by operating the machine at regular time intervals so that the room is maintained at the fixed temperature.

heat pump ratings

Key features and specifications:-

  • Has the capability to auto restarts it from the last program
  • Can be operated in a 110-120V system with maximum current and power to be 10.8 amps and 1421 W.
  • Capable of dehumidifying 6 pints/hour.
  • An extra hose is attached to the machine so that cooling air can be taken in from the outside so that higher efficiency can be achieved.


  • Uses eco-friendly refrigerant.
  • Has three fan speeds to choose from according to the comfort of the buyer
  • The power cord is 6ft in length so the connection is not a problem
  • The device automatically turns off after the reservoir is filled with the condensate.


  • There is no option of automatic oscillation. The air being given out by the machine may not reach all the corners of the house because of the absence of this option.

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TRANE TR21474T Residential Pool Heat Pump

The most well-known name associated with the making of the most durable and reliable products associated with heat and refrigeration, Trane has come up with their heat pump to keep the temperature of the swimming pool always at a preferred value where they find most comfort in swimming. The polymer cabinet ensured that the device doesn’t get rust or corrode easily. It gives out absolutely no sound and has a high efficiency along with easy installation procedure.

pool heat pump

Key features and specifications:-

  • Has 140000 BTU heating performance.
  • The coefficient of performance of the device is 5.7.
  • The device comes with a heat exchanger made up of titanium metal and an evaporator coil made up of corrosion resistant materials so that the lifetime of the machine is increased substantially.
  • The device operates on 240V, 60Hz with the maximum current and power being 70A and 6,600 W


  • It has a digital LED panel so that all the details of the machine can be easily noted down and observed.
  • Produces no sounds and vibrations and gives a nice and subtle swimming experience in a very short period of time.


  • Can be only used for heating of the surfaces, not the cooling.
  • No more cons at this price range

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DuctlessAire 12,000 BTU 22 SEER Energy Star Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump

This air conditioner with heat pump by the DuctlessAire comes with lots of technology and advancement that will make the application of the game more difficult. It has a  dedicated LCD display and is pre-charged with R 410A gas so that no harm is done to the environment. Whisper quiet operation is performed by the machine so that no unnecessary sound is generated by any part of the machine and with the facility of auto cleaning, the user doesn’t need to worry about its maintenance.

most reliable heat pump brand

Key features and specifications:-

  • The machine operates on a DC inverter compressor that operates at variable speeds according to the need.
  • Operated without creating any noise and has a self-assessment system that notifies of any sort of leak. It has a heating belt as well that helps in efficient heating.
  • The machine is capable of cleaning itself on its own


  • Has 3 fan speeds and a turbo mode as well, helping the buyer in setting an ambiance of utmost comfort.
  • Comes pre-charged with the necessary refrigerants and oils.
  • The machine requires very less maintenance because of the various technologies it uses.


  • Is quite costly as compared to other products.
  • The availability of so many functions makes it complex to use.

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Top 5 Best Heat Pump Brands

It is high time to think about the brand of the air conditioning so that you will choose the best appliance for you. As I have already told you that the market is fully equipped with the bunch of popular brands. Each and every brand is best in its own way, but it is your responsibility to pick the perfect brand for the heat pump by considering your requirements. Now, I am going to explore top 5 brands that you can consider for buying the air conditioner.

  • Goodman Heat Pump:

Goodman based in Houston, Texas is founded in 1982 is the world largest manufacturing company of HVAC appliances. It manufactures an infinite number of classy residential and commercial heat pump devices. It delivers the time-tested energy efficient HVAC devices designed with the reliable technology. Moreover, their manufactured heat pump is the perfect choice for commercial and residential use. Whether you live in a small or big home, Goodman has the best solutions to keep your house comfortable in any weather conditions. You can check out it’s a list of efficient and reliable heat pumps from the market that will never let you down. If you ask me to recommend any brand, then I will advise you to go this brand to add more convenience and reliability in your house.

  • Trane Heat Pump:

As Goodman, Trane heat pump is also one of the most sophisticated brands that deliver the most reliable heating and cooling devices. It is a big name of the air conditioning brand that is renowned in all over the world. It offers you defined comfort by giving the accurate performance to keep your house contented in any situation. They design the heat pump with smarter technology for smart people and provide extreme reliability and durability. We can say that they come with the revolutionary appliance that increases the standard of the HVAC industry. They are unique, better and innovative brand that you should experience at least once. Don’t go to my words, experience it on your own.

  • Carrier Heat Pump:

Carrier heat pump brand is an independent American company that provides excellent heating and air conditioning devices at a reasonable price. They also manufacture commercial refrigeration and food services apparatus as well. It is a name that defines versatility itself. All the heat pump devices provided by them are highly efficient to provide extreme comfort and offers you a peace of mind that you have invested in the reliable brand that never allows you to regret your decision of purchasing it. All in all, their appealing designs and brilliant performance air conditioner can be the smart choice for every homeowner.

  • York Heat Pump:

York is another international brand that manufactures a greater quality air conditioner for all the residential and commercial needs. This brand designed a variety of HVAC devices over the decades, and still, it has a great reputation in the market. York heat pump designed with the utmost quality that never requires much maintenance. Also, it delivers enough cooling and heating in your house for extended periods of time. All the York heat pumps are energy efficient; which means it provides tremendous comfort in your pocket-friendly budget. It enhances the standard of the efficiency of the HVAC models, and that is why it considered as that most reputed brand ever and set an unbeatable benchmark in the HVAC industry.

  • Lennox Heat Pump:

Lenox is an intercontinental brand of HVAC appliances, founded in 1895 Texas United States. If you are looking for an excellent air conditioner with competent features, then try this brand once. Not only me, but several recommends this brand for buying an air conditioning system for any kind of home. When we talk about the comfort, then no other brand can beat this brand in this field. Its latest technology and smart features allow it to deliver highly efficient cooling and heating for a comfortable stay. Whether you want AC for your residence or business, it will surely be a right choice for you. There are several sites available that provide reviews regarding this brand that you can also check out for your guidance.


Types of Heat Pumps:-

There are a lot of ways in which heat pumps can be classified. Here we have classified them on the basis of their source of getting heat, which results in dividing them into three types. These pumps collect the heat from their respective source and then concentrate it inside for usage.

This type of heat pump sucks, or collect the cold air from the outside and then, after processing it in its inside chamber, releases it to the outside with its temperature raised. This method is more efficient than the electrical resistance type because it only moves heat from one place to another rather than creating the heat from electricity and then using the same to transfer in the atmosphere. It is the most widely used types of heat pumps and with the help of recent developments, can also be used in harsh cold climates. There are many types of air heat pumps, enlisted as:-

Based on the size of the ducts. The least complex ones are those which are ductless and they are usually installed as an add-on in various offices and houses. A ducted system uses simple ductwork and is favorable in those buildings where there is a proper ventilation system.

Based on the no. of zones. A pump may collect air from multiple rooms and release them into multiple rooms. Based on this fact, they are divided as multi-head and single head or multi-port and a single port.

  • Geothermal or Water Source Heat Pumps

The main idea of these heat pumps is to collect the air or water from inside the surface of the earth where the temperature is higher because of the pressure. The heat pumps are set up at a different location based on the geothermal properties of that place. These heat pumps are quite effective because they can directly supply the hot water or steam coming from the surface of the earth to the projected destination or location without the much need of processing it.

These types of heat pumps are much quieter, requires less maintenance, have a greater life cycle and are independent of the temperature of the surrounding as compared to the air heat pumps. The only problem is that they can’t be set up at any preferred location, their location is totally dependent on the geothermal property of the location. They are also classified according to the types of loops they use, enlisted below:-

Closed loop systems:- This system usually circulates an antifreeze solution in a closed loop buried under the ground made up of suitable plastics. This antifreeze solution is then made to transfer heat to the refrigerant with the help of a heat exchanger.

Open loop system:- In this system, the already heated or cooled water inside the surface of the earth is directly supplied to the house or office and is then returned back to a reservoir. This system is only possible in those areas where there is an adequate supply of clean water and all the government norms are fulfilled.


Factors to Consider When Choosing the Good Heat Pump

Now you may select a best suitable heat pump for you. Right? Now it is time to buy your desired AC for your house or office. Buying any device is not an easy task because it may be a huge investment for you, so it is important that you buy a perfect and worthy air conditioner for you. So, if you agree with me, then here I have something interesting for you. Following are some essential points that everyone needs to consider before buying the best quality heat pump.

  • Start with the Brand:

Brands are the identity of any product, whether that product is small or big. Branded products always come with the ultimate quality that ensures the last long performance of any device. There are a number of popular and reliable brands of heat pump available in the market so you can pick any of the suitable brands for you. I know brands are little expensive than the ordinary one, but for quality, you have to compromise with the budget. Also, paying once is better than again and again. What say?

  • Size:

Another essential feature to consider is the size of the heat pump. First of all, you need to know your requirements that how much cooling and heating you want. In this way, you can choose a right size of the appliance. It is advisable to examine the total square foot or size of your room where you require to install it. For example, if your room is 400square feet, then you require one-ton heat pump. You can also get professional help for this purpose.

  • Compressor:

Now, you need to choose the best compressor for you. Make sure your selected compressor consumes less energy because this type of compressor is more efficient than the other one. You may go to the two-speed compressor because it delivers cooling as per the required capacity. The primary reason behind that this type of compressor consumes less energy and hardly operates with its full capacity.

  • Energy Efficiency:

Every type of heat pump holds different specifications including energy efficiency. No matter, what kind of AC you choose for your home, it is important that your appliance must be energy efficient. Energy efficiency means less energy and more performance! Whenever you are going to buy an appliance make sure that your selected device must be ENERGY STAR

Last but not the least, warranty. Opt that kind of the appliance that has robust warranty. In this way, you can grab a smart air conditioner to worth your entire requirements.


Benefits or Advantages of Heat Pumps

If you still don’t know the actual benefits of the heat pump, then read out the following points to come to know the advantages of the air conditioner or heat pump.

  • Add comfort:

Heat pump allows us to control the temperature of the room. No matter, how hot the day is you can easily increase and decrease your room climate and do your work with proper concentration.

  • Safe to utilize:

Heat pumps are safe to use because it never reveals harmful fumes and also never burns oxygen, so it is very safe to use and also improves the air quality of your house.

  • A heat pump can be a heating source:

Heat pumps are very versatile that allow it to provide heat as well. Yes, you heard right, it can also keep your room warm. It can easily increase the temperature of your room by triggering the button of the remote.

  • Add value:

As you know that heat pump became very popular and also consider as a luxuries thing for any house. So, it can also increase the value to your house. A comfortable room with air conditioning will be the first choice for everyone. Agree?


How does a heat pump work?

A heat pump is basically a heat transporter. It transports heat from one place to another place depending on the requirement. It will extract the cold air from your house and transfer it to the outside if it is cold outside and will do the exact opposite if it is hot outside. The fact that no extra heat is generated, the efficiency of these devices is generally higher than other conventional machines. A heat pump can act as a heater as well as an air conditioner as well, depending on the flow of heat.

In any heat pump, the refrigerant flows inside pipes under a very low temperature that gives them a liquid or solid state. This pipe is inside the premises that need to be cooled. When the hot air inside the premises comes flows over these pipes, heat transfer takes place which again makes the refrigerant come back to its gaseous state. The air cools down and began to settle down. The refrigerant then enters the compressor where it is compressed resulting in an increase in the temperature. This then goes to the condenser which is outside the premises. Since the temperature of the refrigerant is higher than the outside temperature, heat transfer takes place from the refrigerant to the outside and the refrigerant after returning to the liquid state goes again to solidify.

The same thing happens in the case of a heater, the only difference is, instead of absorbing the air from inside, it is done from outside and the heat released outside in case of AC is released inside. One just needs to reverse the direction of heat flow and a fully functional air conditioner will be transformed into a heater in no time. The device is so famous because it requires almost no input. Only electricity is used to operate the flow of air and refrigerant.


How to choose the best heat pump?

A heat pump can be chosen based on one’s personal requirement. If the house is small and compact, then a heat pump with small capacity can be chosen and it will serve effectively. But the same device will prove to be worthless if used in large establishments or mansions because these places will require heat pumps that have multiple inlets and outlets as well as high heating and cooling capability. One must decide if they need both, the heating and cooling component of the heat pumps or just the one based on the weather conditions in the area.

Apart from this, the heat pumps these days also come with lots of technologies that create a small difference. Some of the devices come with a timer that helps in controlling the operating time of the pump. One can fix their device to work for half an hour and then switch itself off for a brief period of time after turning itself on again so that the temperature can be maintained as well as the total electricity and energy consumption is reduced. One can choose their heat pump from an ecological point of view as well.

The refrigerant, usually used in these devices are non-biodegradable and are quite toxic and hazardous to the ozone layer, which protects us from the deadly UV radiation. The recent depletion of the ozone layer of the earth is mainly caused by the emissions of these refrigerants. One can use good heat pumps that use new refrigerants like R 410a that doesn’t contribute to ozone depletion. Some heat pumps can be fixed in their place while others are transportable. If one is sure about the location of their pump, they can opt for those that come with lug attachment and if one is unsure, then the heat pumps with wheels attached to the lower body of there are available in the market as well.

The warranty period of a device is also a critical criterion for choosing a perfect heat pump. Most of the companies usually give different warranty period on the whole heat pump and different on the compressor. It goes without saying that the larger the warranty period, the better.

Some of the heat pumps are also capable of dehumidifying the environment as well in case of a humid and moist weather. This results in the collection of condensate, which needs to be thrown out at regular interval. Some of the devices come with an exhaust hose for the needful while others have a reservoir that stores the water till a certain limit after which the device shuts off automatically.

Sometimes, lots of functions can confuse the customer as well and one may mistakenly do something that will cause some problem with the device. So, one should usually go for a device that they can handle comfortably rather than the one that is laced with all the technology, but you are unaware and unsure of how to handle them. There are dozens of other factors on which one may like to choose their heat pump and it depends from individual to individual.


If one compares the price of a heat pump and the collective price of an electric heater and an air conditioner, they’ll notice that there is a significant profit in buying the heat pump. The heat pump consumes less energy as well and works more effectively and is more flexible in terms of its usage. But one must take care of the emissions from the heat pump as they are largely responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer.

With so many heat pumps in the market today, one must decide what is best for them by weighing in the different factors. Going for a device just because it has lots of functions is equivalent to buying a device that has practically no functions because there is no point in buying something which one can’t use or doesn’t need.



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