Backup Sump Pump Brands

Sump pumps are important for protecting your property against water damage. During a flood or after a b really bad snowstorm, water may get into your basement. Sump pumps are effective for preventing a flooded basement. However, if the power goes out, or some other unforeseen circumstances, your sump pump may not work. This is why it is a good idea to have a pump with a battery backup.

It’s a real nightmare if your sump pump stops working in the middle of rapid snowmelt especially while you are away from home. it is best to have a backup sump pump handy for situations like this. If your sump pump stops working in the middle of the night or during a flood, for instance, it would be impossible to get a new pump at the hardware store. This means your basement is going to be flooded and you’re likely going to lose a lot of things.

Whatever you buy, quality should be the first thing you consider. Apart from longevity, good quality products give the assurance of fewer failures despite some less than ideal conditions. Here are some of the sump pump backup Brands that we believe would be reliable in case of an emergency.

Superior Pump

Superior pumps have solid copper wiring in the motor winding, a split capacitor that ensures more power output which requires lesser energy input. The shaft seal is made from heavy-duty stainless steel. The motor plate also has dual seals, so water can’t get into the motor to cause any damage.


Wayne pumps guarantee at least a million pumping cycles. Wayne pumps have the option of having a pre-assembled combination system which will be much easier to install and work much more seamlessly. It is really convenient for new installation or if you do not mind a full sump replacement.


Zoelleraquanot brand is fully automatic and it uses industry-standard materials to achieve high efficiency and performance. You can buy a Z control device to monitor the built-in dry contact alarm and receive notifications on your mobile phone via text, email, and push notification.

Basement Watchdog

Offering basement protection for over two decades, the basement watchdog brand offers great products, backup sump pumps have a unique monitoring system that sounds an alarm when maintenance is needed or in case of any faults. 


Aquapro is a premium brand that offers a wide range of backup sump pumps. The operation is automatic, run by a permanent magnet motor, cooled by water, which provides a highly efficient hydraulic power with a lower ampere requirement.

We compiled this list focusing on various important features users should consider before making a choice on which brand they want to install, either as a new set up or as a replacement for an older, less efficient unit.



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