Types of Sump Pumps

As a homeowner, you will be concerned about the water seeping into your basement or crawl space. By using a heavy-duty sump pump you can easily pump out the water. But finding the best sump pump is not easy as there are many options available in the market today. The submersible sump pumps are good for your home as they last longer and give good service with little or no noise during operation.

Water seepage into the basement and crawl spaces in your home is a common problem and finding the root cause of this type of water seepage is a costly affair. If the amount of water that seeps into your basement is manageable it can be easily removed and drained by using the right types of sump pumps. There are many types of reliable heavy-duty sump pumps that can easily remove the water stagnating in your basement area. There are many sources to find out the best sump pump and by doing a little research you can easily select the best type of sump pump you need to drain the water from your lower parts of your home.

In the present days, we have a variety of sump pumps in the market and you have to be clear about the type of sump pump that is good for your home. Search online or get advice from some of the knowledgeable persons to find out the best sump pump that is good for your home. If you are unable to conclude as to the right type of sump pump that can satisfy the needs of your home then it is better to leave the decision to a professional plumber. He will be able to give the right solutions to find and install the best sump pump that is right for your basement.

 Though there are many types of sump pumps available in the market, each one of them has their specific pros and cons. You have to be careful in selecting the right type of sump pump for your use depending on the specific usage you want to put the sump pump to. As the sump pump is the only way you are going to depend on for draining the seeping water into your basement, the brand and model of the sump pump you are selecting must be able to give trouble-free and reliable service at all times. This is necessary to prevent flooding of the basement and causing damage due to moisture.

The heavy-duty sump pumps of the present days are built for constant use and can be used for long hours and it can withstand heavy use and give longer lifetimes. The submersible sump pumps can be used entirely underwater and are built to last for longer. They give reliable service for longer periods when compared to other types of sump pumps. The sump pumps can be used as a backup system for taking water out of sensitive areas in your house and hence they must be maintained in such a way that they can work at all time.

Different Types of Sump Pumps

The present-day sump pumps come in different varieties and most common among them are the 

  1. Pedestal sump pumps
  2. Submersible sump pumps
  3. Wate powered sump pumps
  1. Pedestal Sump pumps

This type of sump pumps are called pedestal sump pumps as the motor and the pump are fixed on a pedestal. These pumps are constructed in an upright position and the motor sits on the top of the pump. The pumping mechanism is placed at the bottom of the pedestal so that the water can be sucked in and taken out till the most minimum water level is reached. This type of pedestal sump pumps is very popular and is considered as one of the best sump pumps as they are cheap in price and can be purchased at very low prices. 

Many heavy-duty sump pumps can be used for larger basement areas and can be operated for longer periods. These types of pedestal sump pumps are little noisy and operate with chatter and sounds that may be irritating when you have to remain near the sump pump for longer periods. Still, these types of sump pumps are preferred due to their low cost and fairly longer lifetime. So, you can choose this type of sump pump if you have a small basement and the need to run the pump is occasional.

  • Submersible sump pump

This type of sump pumps are very popular and is the choice of many homeowners for their basements as the best sump pumps because of the advantages offered by them. These heavy-duty sump pumps are built in such a way that they can operate entirely underwater and give a long lifetime. With this type of sump pump, it is possible to get a very long life with good service. Though these submersible sump pumps are costly their additional cost is justified by their trouble-free and efficient service. 

The submersible sump pumps are available in different sizes and you can select the one depending on the quantity of water that must be handled by them. These sump pumps are sturdy in construction and are handy to handle. They are placed inside the pit or collection point and can remain underwater and operate without any noise. Due to these this type of sump pumps are becoming popular in the present days as the best sump pumps for your home.

  • Water operated sump pumps

This type of sump pump is not very common and as such is used only by a few homeowners. This type of sump pump operates out of the water pressure and does not need any electricity to operate. But for this sump pump to operate with reasonable efficiency the pressure of water must be good and then only this will be able to pump out the accumulated water. Due to this and the lower efficiency associated with their functioning, this is cannot be considered as a heavy-duty sump pump or the best sump pump for your home.

So, it is necessary for you to find the best sump pump for your basement and get the water out of it so that your house is not damaged due to seeping water. In this respect, your heavy-duty sump pump is your only solution and hence do not hesitate to find the best sump pump and it is always better to invest a few more dollars for getting the reliable heavy-duty sump pump that is available in the market.

It is always a good idea to add a battery back up as a backup energy source to run your sump pump. As the need to run your sump pump will be more compelling during storms and heavy rains, the battery backup can help your sump pump to continuously pump out the water even during a power outage. 

Hence it is necessary to find the best sump pump for your basement and this can be done by considering the entire range of heavy-duty sump pumps available in the market and finding the right type of submersible sump pump that can give trouble-free and reliable service for longer periods. Purchasing a sump pump is not done frequently so invest some time to find the best sump pump and once you do this you will be happy to have the right heavy duty sump pump for your basement.



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