Zoeller 585-0005 Aquanot II Battery Backup Pedestal Sump Pump


The availability of sump pumps in the market these days have definitely made our lives a lot easier. It allows us to go on a trip away from home with peace of mind knowing that something has been taking good care of our basement and making it safe and protected from flood and moisture. Most homeowners used to deal with issues of a flooded basement which tend to lead to even bigger issues such as damages in their home’s foundation and even to their valuable appliances and furniture. Thanks to sump pumps, such issues are now taken care of. You can find several types of sump pumps in the market, and good example is the pedestal type. One of the most preferred pedestal type sump pumps is the Zoeller 585-0005, a pedestal sump pump with features a battery backup just in case power interruptions occur.

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Features of the Zoeller 585-0005 Pedestal Sump Pump

When it comes to providing high value features to the users, the Zoeller 585-0005 sump pump will never disappoint you. It acts as the secondary sump pump to provide support to your primary sump pump especially in cases when it fails. This is particularly useful when you are out of town during rainy or winter seasons. Since it has a battery powered system, you won’t have to worry about any power interruptions in the event that a power outage takes place.

The battery backup system is highly reliable. It comes with a powerful 12 volts motor along with a contact float switch for easy control and operation. It even features a quality automatic 28 amp electronic charger. With all these amazing features combined into one, there is no doubt that the Zoeller 585-0005 is a top quality pedestal type sump pump which could be expected to provide you service for a long period of time. So if you are planning to invest in a high quality sump pump which could provide you with a hassle-free solution for your pumping needs, then this would make a perfect choice.


  • Among the main advantages of the Zoeller 585-0005 pedestal sump pump is that it is very easy to install, maintain and even troubleshoot in case unexpected issues occur
  • It is very easy to operate with its contact float switch, regardless if it’s installed in a tight or even congested spot
  • It features a 28 amp automatic electronic charger which, as the name implies it, automatically charges itself thus saving you the trouble
  • Its battery operated system is very convenient and energy-efficient since it doesn’t depend on electricity except only when charging.
  • This gives you peace of mind and convenience especially when you are planning for a trip out of town.


  • Its limited battery time means that it is only used for backup purposes instead of a primary option.
  • Hence, it can only support your primary pump for a limited period of time.
  • The lifespan of the motor is questionable.
  • There might be cases when it could suffer to burnout and cease to function.
  • Therefore, if you are planning to make it last for long, then you should maintain and take good care of it on a regular basis or else it will malfunction.

To conclude, the Zoeller 585-0005 pedestal sump pump is an excellent choice for most of us. Since it is a battery powered system, you can expect it to operate even under the absence of electricity. This is basically a good backup for your primary source just in case it fails and you are out of home to take care of it.

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