Pedestal vs Submersible Sump Pump


If you decide to fix a new sump pump for keeping the basement of your home from flooding problems, you will need to select between the pedestal and submersible sump pump. The most efficient sump pump has sufficient power to forces water or flood that gathers in your sump to a spot above ground located away from home. Additionally, it does not create any damage to the sub-flooring or basement.

Both kinds of sump pumps provide some disadvantages and advantages to the user. It encourages many homeowners to learn all significant details regarding both the sump pumps before selecting any new pump.  For meeting the needs, this article comes with sufficient information about pedestal and submersible pumps.

Pedestal Sump Pumps

The pedestal pumps vary from a submersible sump pump in that a unit divided into two portions. It is vital to know that these pedestal pumps use the standalone motor fixed to the basement floor as well as a house which is completely fed below into a reservoir of the pump.

Pedestal vs. Submersible Sump Pump


The pedestal sump pump not only affordable than submersible type, but they are also durable. Because of the sump pump motor is not inundated in a flood while the reservoir of a sump is full, this kind of sump pump is not vulnerable to any flood hassles with a motor. In reality, the pedestal pumps are well-known for its sustainable features.

Apart from that, they can last 2 or 3 times higher than the submersible pump types. Besides, whether the pedestal pump is affected, the component can be repaired affordably than the submersible pumps. It is because the sump pump motor is accessed easily and never need any tearing up of your basement floor.


Even though these pedestal pumps are cost-efficient than submersible type, they frequently lack the required power for pumping out lots of flood during a powerful storm. Hence, if the rain storm leaves a large quantity of flood in your region, the pedestal pump does not pump out entire floor quick enough for keeping the basement flooring from flooding.

Submersible Sump Pumps

The submersible sump pumps are integrated design which places the pump and motor inside its enclosed container. They are installed in a sump reservoir as well as get wet.


Because the engine of submersible pump fixed in a sump tank under the basement flooring, it is truly not in the way of the furniture or fixtures installed in your basement. This kind of pump placement inside your reservoir means that it can create some noise inside your home.

In common, they are obtainable in increased horsepower capacities or power than the pedestal pumps. It means that bigger submersible pumps can remove water quicker than the pedestal type sump pumps. It is an essential feature for houses which are low-lying.


Even though most of the submersible pumps are more powerful and efficient than the pedestal type, these kinds of sump pumps are usually more expensive. Furthermore, because the submersible sump pumps fixed in your sump reservoir, little damage or small cracks which may be created by tank solids can make the submersible pump useless. Whether the submersible pump requires being replacing or repairing, it will demand that your basement floor is damaged out so that your pump can easily be accessed. It results in both expensive repair task and time-consuming.


Usually, submersible pumps have a longer life time the pedestal pump type, but a stand type is simpler to access. Whenever you have sufficient cash, you should possibly consider this submersible type as a perfect alternative.

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