Wayne WSM3300 Sump Minder Advanced Notification Pump


In several instances, new homeowners fail to know sufficient details regarding the house improvement tools and devices. As basement flooding and water logging have turned into common household issues in the low lying regions, so all homes need to have an ideal sump system for preventing the problem. Different types of water related and flooding hassles have quickly solved by fixing a sump system inside a sump fit located in your home’s basement.

Amongst different sump pump brands, this Sump Minder WAYNE WSM 3300 Advanced Notification Sump Pump (Battery BackUp) is one of the most loved and best sump systems present in this market.  The 12V battery back up in the primary sump pump not only completes sump system but also offers extra protection for removing ground water.

Wayne Wsm3300

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Why purchase WAYNE WSM 3300 Sump Pump?

WAYNE is the most leading brand that is well-known for manufacturing high quality and most durable sump pumps. It has a better reputation in this market for continuously delivering superior quality systems. The Sump Minder is a battery backup pump that comes with a specialized functionality where backup and primary pumps are self-tested and monitored. The user will be alerted by WAYNE device before the happening of any unwanted problem.

This pump device is also tested automatically every fourteen days by the microprocessor controlled and most efficient 12V backup pump system. If the sump pump system finds an achievement in placing any problem or hassle, a voice notification is immediately sent to your mobile phone so that you can instantly take all necessary actions or steps before the basement flooding problem occurs. Apart from sending an alert, this sump system also comes with numerous key features that make it a suitable choice for every property owner.

Product Features

This Wayne WSM 3300 backup sump device includes the best range of striking features and specifications such as:

  • There is a 12V battery backup device with highly advanced notification
  • The microprocessor or sump minder monitors the battery status continuously and tests a backup sump system automatically every fourteen days
  • It sends a clear voice alert to roughly about three mobile phones in an instant of high water, self-diagnosed pump issue, less battery charge, backup sump activation and much more
  • This sump device offers roughly about 92 hours basement security during the power outage
  • Includes an intelligent, smart technology which is better than standard trickle charges
  • It breaks the surface charge and provides battery towards optimal levels
  • Smartly programmed with a built-in LCD screen and efficient panel buttons
  • Speedy float switch is available for automatic operation, extra reliable
  • Fast connection to your usual telephone line for sending voice notification or alert messages
  • Requires a wet cell, maintenance free and deep cycle 12V battery
  • The maximum flow of this backup pump is about 3300 gallons/hour. It delivers 2300 GPH at the 10 feet discharge lift
  • Assembled in the United States, with both domestic and foreign components
  • Suggested for using in a finished basement, securing second houses, monitoring rental property, basements with increased value items, individuals that often travel for a long time


  • Simple way to fix of installs this backup pump
  • Two pumps of this system evacuate a sump pit quickly
  • The battery backup device is very simple to program
  • It has periodic self-testing feature
  • An audible alarm intense sufficient to reach the next level of home
  • The sound range of this pump system is convenient
  • This system alerts users before any problem occurs
  • Reliable construction


  • It has not used until the power goes out


This kind of Battery BackUp pump includes an impressive soft performance, sleek design and installs quickly. The WAYNE sump system has a battery backup that will surely solve your various water related issues and other flooding problems. In short, it is an ideal choice for people who are looking for a suitable sump pump with a backup. Hence, this WSM 3300 Battery back up Sump Minder is an only sump system which you require having in your home for getting rid of water logging problems. So, you can buy and use this sump system to avoid several problems created by flood or basement water.

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