Zoeller Aquanot 508-0007 12 Volt backup sump pump WITH M98 pump

Zoeller Aquanot® 508-0007

Zoeller aquanot 508-0007 gains immense popularity in the household or commercial field only because of its rich quality and extraordinary features. It is the best sump pump model by Zoeller who will give you a complete protection even when your primary pump fails to operate in the unpleasant situations. Ordinary sump pumps not capable of working in the rough condition, but this Zoeller aquanot featured with the ½ horsepower with a 12-volt backup that can provide long hour power supply in every circumstance. In short, it will keep your house clean and dry in the extreme weather conditions.

Zoeller Aquanot® 508-0007 12 Volt backup sump pump

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This non-corrosive pump featured with the float switch and durable thermoplastic construction allows it to work for an extended period of time.This highly efficient sump pump provides the required assistance and reliability; it means it pumped water more than any other model. Overall dimensions lie between the 12 x 12 x 12 inches and 54.6 pounds weight makes it lightweight or handy device. In addition, it has no complicated installation process, so you can easily install it, but if you don’t have experience of sump pump installation, then you should consult with experts. As per the latest sump pump review report, there is not even a single customer present who had a problem with this sump pump device. Isn’t impressive?

Product Features and Specifications

  • The best backup system delivers clear and emergency water
  • Constructed with 10A battery charger with LED display features
  • Provide protection from the overcharging
  • Comes with the time-tested apparatus for consistency
  • Provide with the 6′ (1.8 m) leads to trouble-free performance
  • It includes an emergency alarm for safety purpose.
  • LED lights allow you to know the charging status of the sump pump
  • Comprises with 98 primary pump and 12V battery backup
  • It can pump 4320 gallons water which is an additional benefit of this type of sump pump device.
  • This pre-oiled sump pump tightly sealed that never let the pump heat


  • Long battery backup
  • Included LED display
  • Reliable alarm system
  • Easy installation
  • Comes with the safety features


  • Not included battery
  • Its alarm is little louder
  • Little expensive


There are several types of sump pumps and brands are available in the market, hence keep sure to familiar with all the specifications of the sump pump models. This brand is worth your trust, and we assure you will never disappoint of your decision of choosing it. If you want to stay safe, then go with this sump pump because it holds an ability to live in all the conditions. It is an ideal model for a commercial building as well. I know you may little anxious about the budget, but if you want quality, and then you have to compromise on your budget. If you want comfort, protection, and peace of mind, then this Zoeller aquanot 508-0007 sump pump made for you.

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