The Battery Backup Sump Pump is the supplement for the primary pumps. Even though the primary pumps fail with any mechanical failure, power outages or excessive use, Backup Battery Sump Pump is one of the best choice for the extended service. When the power goes out or the motor is overheated, you can easily experience the flooding so the usage of this sump pumps with battery backup will be the finest option for controlling or managing the water flow. With the improvement in technology, there are 2 types of battery backup sump pumps are available such as AC/DC and DC.



  • WAYNE ESP25 12 Volt Battery Back-Up Sump Pump System with Audible Alarm
  • Type:- Battery Backup
  • HP:- 1 HP
  • Warranty:- 1 Year
  • Zoeller 507-0005 Basement Sentry Battery Backup Pump
  • Type:- Battery Backup
  • Voltage : 12 Volts
  • Warranty:- 1 Year
  • WAYNE WSS30V Pre-Assembled 120/12V 1/2 HP Primary and Battery Backup Combination Sump Pump System
  • Type:- Battery Backup
  • HP:- 1/2 HP
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Liberty Pumps SJ10 1-1/2-Inch Discharge SumpJet Water Powered Back-Up Pump
  • Type:- Water Powered
  • Accepts 20PSI up to 100PSI inlet supply pressure
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Zoeller 507-0008 Pre-assembled Sump Pump with Battery Backup and M53 Pump
  • Type:- Battery Backup
  • HP:- 1/3HP
  • Warranty: 5 Years



WAYNE ESP25 12 Volt Battery Back-Up Sump Pump System with Audible Alarm

The WAYNE ESP25 sump pump battery backup system runs with the 12V DC power source with the powerful motor for the water suction. The 1/3-HP battery backup sump pump system is equipped with the 12 Volt battery backup, which is convenient for operating even when there is no power to operate. This Pump also have the sturdy polyethylene battery that holds the group of 27 sized sealed lead-acid battery. best battery backup sump pump reviews


  • WAYNE battery backup sump pumps are completely standalone and have the float switch in the best manner for controlling the circuitry in the extensive manner.
  • This sump pump system with audible alarm is much simple to install alongside with the existing Pump in the Sump so that it would automatically increase the better option of the longer performance of dewatering in the extensive manner.
  • When the water level is higher for activating the ESP25 Pump then the float switch comes into operational so that it is automatic for operating the Pump without manual help.
  • WAYNE ESP25 sump pump operates when the current pump malfunctions or unable to discharge water in any of the heavy inflow situation.
  • This is one of the best battery for backup pumps system which offers you the best option for controlling the motor with the extensive type of increasing the power backup for the motor to run.
  • This sump pump system acts as the booster for the Pump to assist with the primary Pump so that it could be discharged with the dedicated line or same outlet.
  • This Sump Pump is also completely waterproof that will give you much protection with the thermoplastic housing.
  • This Pump discharges the 2,300 Gallon of water per minute at the 10 foot head and it also have the 1.5 inch discharge outlet.
  • 75Ah battery deep cycle battery gives the better option for the ESP25 model.

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Zoeller 507-0008 Pre-assembled Sump Pump with Battery Backup and M53 Pump

Zoeller 507-0008 Pre-assembled Sump Pump is designed as the battery backup option for the primary sump Pump. When the primary pump failure or unexpected power outages happens then this Zoeller Pre-assembled Sump Pump acts as the best option for increasing the performance in the extensive operation of dewatering the sump. This pump have the easier installation with the DC pump, advance electronic controls, battery and many other parts are required. battery backup for sump pump


  • This Sump model is designed with the installation of the sumps to the minimum diameter of 18″ and 24″ deep.
  • This Sump Pump comes fully assembled with the ready for installation for clearing the eater from the Sump.
  • M53 Pump is the primary Pump that operates at the 115V AC and has the basement sentry with the model 507 that has 12 Volt DC backup systems.
  • The Pump has the float switch and piping fitted for the faster way of increasing the water flow in the extensive manner.
  • When the pump is continuously fully charged then it will provide the backup of 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 hours.
  • M53 Pump system is the automatic sump pump that passes the 1/2″ spherical solids and the motor also have the modern engineered glass filled thermoplastic vortex impeller for the faster performance in the extensive manner.
  • Zoeller 507-0008 have the lockable type of battery box so that it is completely protected for the higher safety.
  • Factory assembled Zoeller 507-0008 models have the higher efficiency in the excellent way and there are extra protection provided for the Pump in case of primary AC pump system fails with power outages.
  • Battery burn out or overcharge protection adds more advantage for the Pump system.
  • Zoeller Pump models are used for residential locations, Commercial locations, Basement storage facilities, Communication vaults as well as Computer vaults.

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Zoeller 507-0005 Basement Sentry Battery Backup Pump

Zoeller is the top trusted brand by many number of customers as the products have higher quality with best performance. The Zoeller 507-0005 Basement Sentry Battery Backup Pump is one of the best sump pump with battery backup that moves the water of 15 Gallons per Minute at the 10 foot lift and 23 Gallons per minute at the 5 foot lift. This Zoeller battery backup sump pump systems have the adjustable type of vertical float so that it has the automatic switch for the better operation in the extensive manner. battery powered backup sump pump


  • Zoeller 507-0005 Basement Pump have the 1/3 HP primary Sump so that it will be easier for the housing to move water from sump faster.
  • This Sump Pump has the strong thermoplastic so that it is the corrosive resistance in the extensive manner.
  • This is one of the best sump pump battery backup which weighs around 13 pounds so that it is easier for installing this Pump anywhere in the side directly with the main discharge pipe.
  • Therefore it will be easier for operating this sump pump alongside with the primary Pump for the faster performance of moving water.
  • Automatic float system is attached in the main discharge pipe so that it is completely reliable for the higher possibility of turning the switch ON or OFF.
  • This pump offers the higher protection when the power outings in case of the primary Pump failure and it is operated at the voltage of 12V.
  • The Pump has many advantage of emergency backup usage of this Pump system when the primary Pump fails the process.
  • Alarm notification systems are also installed in the Control Box for monitoring the battery and prevent the burnout.
  • This sump pump also have the LCD displays voltage monitoring and LED light indication denoting the AC power out or battery is fully charged.
  • Alarm in the control box will sound when battery is operating.

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WAYNE WSS30V Pre-Assembled Primary and Battery Backup Sump Pump System

Wayne WSS30V is the high-quality pre-assembled sump pump as well as a backup system used for easy and quick installation process. Battery Backup Sump Pump System brings more features that includes the durable, top suction, vertical float switch, cast-iron primary pump and much more suitable for enhancing the quality of work. Wayne WSS30V is assembled in the US using both the domestic and foreign parts. They are tested with more than 1 Million Cycles for increasing the performance based on the 12-volt backup pumps.

Wayne WSS30V


  • The maximum power also reaches up to 3300 GPH (Gallons per Hour) and it makes the highest performing DC pumps present in the market.
  • WAYNE Water System is the world renowned and reliability expert brings you the superior quality pumps exceeding the average life 1 million pumping cycles based on the rapid cycle test conditions.
  • The top suction design of the primary pump easily filters the debris as well as they easily minimize the clogging.
  • The system is highly made with the superior quality corrosion resistant, reliable reed float switch, charger, battery box and high-flow battery back-up pump.
  • Professional grade backup system and Heavy duty check valves require only one 40 Amp Hour or 75 Amp Hour based on the deep cycle battery.

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Wayne WSM3300 Sump Minder Advanced Notification BackUp Pump

Sump Minder is the most traditional backup sump system available on the market. Sump Minder come with unique capabilities, it will monitors as well as self-tests both backup and primary sump pumps. Even, it will call you in advance when it finds any problem. This advanced system sends a voice alert to any phone with this you will take action become flooding occurs. Microprocessor controller frequently monitors and checks battery status and ac power. In addition to this, it will run a full self-tests every fourteen days.

Wayne Wsm3300


  • This advanced Sump Minder helps you a lot; you can easily program in up to three telephone numbers.
  • The smart charging technology also breaks the surface charge as well as it also brings the battery back to optimal levels.
  • It is the widely used and most conventional water pump.
  • Typically, it can be used to remove ground water from sump pits at the same time it will transfer basement drainage to prevent flooding.
  • Sump Minder is really beneficial and completes your sump pump system; moreover, it provides additional protection by removing ground water during heavy rain, power outage, or any primary pump failure.
  • It is a perfect option for your sump pump system.

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Liberty Pumps SJ10 Discharge Sump and Jet Water Powered Back-Up Pump

Liberty Pumps SJ10 is the most powerful water-powered backup sump pump to protect your basement in case of any kind of power shortage. Liberty Pumps SJ10 Pump system features the highly compact efficiency design that has the ability to remove 2 Gallons of sump water per 1 Gallon. With the use of compactable Protect basement case would be much suitable for the power outage. Liberty Pumps SJ10 is 1-1/2-Inch Discharge Sump Pump system along with the extensive Jet Water Powered Back-Up Pump.

Liberty Pumps SJ10


  • Since the unit is powered by the municipal water supply, there is no need for the electricity to operate.
  • Liberty Pumps SJ10 is completely automatic and it arrives with a completely assembled backed pump.
  • Pumping performance of the machine varies based on the pumping head as well as inlet water source pressure.
  • Liberty Pumps SJ10 accepts 20 PSI to 100 PSI inlet supply pressure so that it is quite convenient for enhancing the quality of the system.
  • The Adjustable stainless hose clamp is set to deliver the easy mounting and extensive output flow rates and UPC approved.
  • The built-in removable foot valve is also included for water inlet with the extensive backflow protection.
  • 1-1/2 Inch Discharge Water brings you the convenient options for increasing the priority and enhancing the ability to the maximum.

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